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  1. lamms

    Taylor Swift

    her venice bitch is coming i fear
  2. we‘ll she wouldn‘t fir anyway, because she belongs to gucci guilty and guilty of torture she is. jk jk stream god book
  3. lamms

    Wolf Alice

    Waiting for my friends to reply, so I can buy tickets for a show in Germany or I’ll go alone lol Shaking by the thought of how amazing Smile, Last Man on Earth, Play the Greatest Hits and their older albums (fingers crossed for Formidable Cool, Fuffy) will sound live in the pit
  4. Okay but fr whoever has the honor of doing an interview with her next time better ask about this mess, because I really want to know what goes on in her head and behind the scenes or else… … or else i‘ll cry in the corner
  5. Mike is going to give us an even harder hitting FMWUTTT for her ultimate revenge album It‘ll start very intimate with the three singles but take a turn in the middle and end iin a huge crescendo, where she curses the media and her fans and vocals serve Serene Queen - literally ending with the mic dropping
  6. lamms

    Tyler, The Creator

    It‘ll be hard to beat IGOR, but I’m nonetheless excited. Lumberjack‘s okay, we‘ll see how this album turns out
  7. lamms


    6 is decent, but and more… clearly someone has an agenda
  8. lamms

    Dua Lipa

    We love to see it. Very likely to buy concert tickets for a show in October next week
  9. Bruce Springsteen loves Lana and has called her the songwriter of the generation. So that would make his statement disingenuous because of the age difference? Maybe touch some grass to lose some of that closed-mindedness
  10. Yeah, that’s just the ageism showing its ugly head on here again. If they want to retire, they sure can. But if they’re passionate about their craft, why tf should they stop. Johnny Cash released right before his death a cover of NIN’s Hurt. I guess he put himself through that ordeal with all his heath issues to stay relevant huh
  11. lamms


    ended the tobacco industry
  12. Katy Perry released with Teenage Dream a bonna fide pop album. And at that time Taylor‘s 1989 didn’t really stand out in the sonical landscape to compare her to MJ. If he wants to talk about great, great pop music, then Madonna is today still that icon and surpassed imo MJ long ago. He could have simply simped for Taylor and called it a day. It’s just obnoxious to look down on other artists like that.
  13. Those women did not walk so Taylor could run and Jack talk like that about them
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