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  1. Ellie flopped because she gave up on her career and committed her time trying to marry into the royal family for whatever reason which failed with prince harry but worked out when she went for his cousin
  2. such a terrible album the surface level superficial metaphysical lyrics that read like a facebook mom's regurgitated new age spirituality quotes "youre not here to conform, trying to get back to a place before I had form" then the eyerolling lyrics about global warming that seem like they were written from the perspective of a sixth grader's newly developed climate concerns except with more virtue signalling, its giving greta thunberg
  3. you only go to craigs if you want to be seen/photographed, nice to see lana is finally doing some promo
  4. LanaTheRay


    lorde is similar to jesus in the way that she looks like a man
  5. LanaTheRay


    you can hear the influence of jack's own sound which has been influenced by his work with Lana in the last two years, this sounds like a mariners rip off
  6. Cola is too iconic of a song to retire from her live performances, it would so punk rock of her to bring it back. she can romanticize whatever/whoever the fuck she wants even Harvey Weinstein
  7. wish Lana belted those instead of relying on falsetto in the riff/run towards the end of WW,
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