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  1. wait are these from two separate packages? or are they the 2 LP's that make up one package?
  2. lanabanana11


    me also, noticed in the description that it says pressed on translucent blue and magenta, but the mock up doesnt look blue at all, it looks like purple and magenta
  3. lanabanana11


    did anyone get her spotify exclusive vinyl for her album?
  4. My Urban Outfitters green vinyl came in today! gorgeous !
  5. LOVE this album, i for sure can see how some people are falling off with it, it does seem a little undercooked, which i attribute to her not getting as much time as she wanted with jack. I feel like if she had, we would have gotten Dealer and two more last minute songs (like how Fuck it I Love You was a last minute addition and was one of the best tracks on norman) and some of the other songs may be a bit more fleshed out. Does anyone else wish Tulsa Jesus Freak was a bit louder? every time I play it i have to turn it up more to hear it as well as the other tracks! Over all this album is in my top three as of rn (1 UV, 2 LFL, 3 Chemtrails)
  6. update i ordered one off ebay. hopefully this one is peach!
  7. pissed. my amazon cocc came in and its that off white color. not peach.
  8. any updates on the amazon beige vinyl? mine is coming tomorrow and im SO WORRIED IT WONT BE PEACH....if its white i swear to god im gonna fight an amazon employee
  9. uggggh i ordered one today. if its white ill be so upset.
  10. so whats the deal with the amazon beige/white situation? are the ones being shipped now all white and not that peachy/beige color?? i just ordered the beige one today...
  11. wait are the orange/peach amazon ones impossible to get now and they're all like white?
  12. also are there any promo codes that still work?
  13. Question, I am contemplating buying the chemtrails dad hat, however I have a pretty large head (roughly 24/25 inches around....dont any of you dare laugh LMAO) so i was just wondering if anyone knows the size of the hats? or maybe of her past hats, to compare. Id hate to spend $30+ on a hat that wont even fit properly (when instead i can invest in the beige vinyl )
  14. contemplating getting the transparent vinyl. i hope its the fully clear one tho not the milky looking one! anyone know if they'll eventually end up being rare? also has there been an inventory update for her shop yet?
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