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  1. wait this would be SO cool if Lana does indeed have involvement with her!! I love how intense her work is!
  2. Reading these comments made me realize I don’t know what my expectations are for the record! I know I’d really love deliberate, purposeful lyrics (like in HIADT) and a few songs with heavy atmosphere (similar to the chorus of Cinnamon Girl), but I have no idea what else to anticipate. We’ll see
  3. Idk if anyone’s mentioned this, but can y’all imagine the meltdowns that would occur if Blue Banisters is *the* record of unreleased music & BB (the song) is a COCC outtake
  4. “After reading the reviews regarding my authenticity as an artist, I hope to confront these notions in my next record titled...”
  5. Imagine if we get a studio version of her Daddy Issues performance....TikTok would run that song into the ground but in a good way lol
  6. that is...a relief. I’m curious what lyric she could drop that’s both shocking but also not insensitive/problematic. Blue Banisters seems to be a reflection on unfulfilled love, so maybe she’s revealing some vulnerable detail? Is she going to namedrop someone? The suspense if this is true
  7. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I like to think Polydor wouldn’t have interacted with her post if she hadn’t submitted it, maybe? Where are the stans that always get Ben to interact for some confirmation and clarify
  8. Does anyone happen to know approximately how long vinyls take to be pressed for an order as large as Lana’s would be? If Lana did change the record name suddenly, wouldn’t there be a significant delay? Or does it not take very long?
  9. I don’t really know the timeline of everything, but maybe she had already completed Blue Bannisters at that point & started working on the second album with her newfound direction sometime after? I’m still catching up on her interviews, so this could be completely wrong, but maybe that’s a possibility? Or maybe the second record she’s been working on was just the covers album and she considers it more of a side-project rather than one of her “main” records...if that makes any sense
  10. did the insider rule out rap? I haven’t seen anyone mention that yet unless I missed it
  11. lmao imagine it’s something insane like a country take on hip-hop & that’s why she’s using country aesthetics with Mike Dean as a producer (if he actually is the producer) I know that won’t actually happen but it’s a funny (and scary) thought
  12. Some random person on TikTok, and they claimed eclipse said so. I’m like 99.99% sure it’s false, and no one else has heard of this from eclipse either as a side-note, I really hope it’s not true. Lana’s solo tracks are normally a lot stronger lyrically, and her collabs are normally hit or miss
  13. Damn, I figured it was fake, but I’ve also been a little out of the loop with insider info this era lol I can’t wait until we start getting more solid news!!
  14. The Song of Achilles—I’m really hoping it’s good!
  15. “I will wait for the next time you want me like a dog with a bird at your door.”
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