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  1. After reading those probably fake lyrics, do you think the snippet we got is and intro and the chorus too? She repeats the song title but even with more instrumentation it lacks power to be the chorus.
  2. Vinyl plants workers when they get the 4th Lana album to press in a year and the 1357th email from fans asking about them
  3. I'm curious about this revenge thing. In UV she did it gracefully with songs like FMWUTTT, MPG and Brooklyn Baby but I don't recall her saying anything about addressing the criticism before that right? It was kind of a surprise. Now we have high expectations about the theme of the album and I'm afraid to be let down
  4. She would get dragged to filth but I want her to release qtfc pt2 (the re-up) in song form. I mean, imagine the meltdowns if we see in the tracklist a song named qftc
  5. If the era really starts in 2 weeks I hope it's new music and not just the announcement. I can see it going like this: - Sometime next week we get the single announcement (maybe with album preorder but I don't think so). - May 21st we get BB with its music video. - Mid to late June we get the album announcement with the preorder (and cover + tracklist) maybe with the single with the high budget video directed by Colin Tilley. - Finally, the album is released either hot summer nights mid July or mid-late August (cause Billie is releasing on the 30th and they are both signed to Interscope). I don't know if the second single could be coming with the preorder or with the album but I hope we get no more than 2-3 songs. If the album comes after July I guess they have time to push 3 singles like they did with Chemtrails. It's hard to speculate with Lana cause every era is lowkey a different mess (I still get exited every time and the music never disappoints tho).
  6. Even if she releases on the 21st if the single is BB nobody will even make a connection. If it's another song on the qftc topic we are in for a treat (and a rough week )
  7. Her reworking/releasing Tired Of Singing The Blues would really make sense if the album is indeed about revenge and the perception the media has of her. I'll start manifesting right away
  8. Wait. I know some unreleased show up on shazam but is Cherry Blossom there new? It has +800 shazams so I don't think so. Still I'm curious about why that song (and some others) cause I guess only labels can upload there right?
  9. She wants revenge so this is the perfect time for her to update us with a brand new patty diss track
  10. Please no more Weyes Blood near Lana. I have nothing against her and I love Titanic Rising but her voice doesn't compliment Lana's at all.
  11. The thread was lowkey dead and suddenly I saw like 2 new pages and I thought something happened You scared me
  12. After checking this Colin guy videography and with Mike being the producer... She is going to serve. With COCC she was very open about the videos, she posted about both before filming them. On the other hand she had a MV filmed in November that we still don't know if it was meant for another song or with BB in mind (I'm thinking the latter cause why would she scrap a MV for no reason)
  13. You can start already cause there's no way she releases on the 4th of July
  14. We got confirmation that Mike Dean is working with her but he didn't say a lot more than that. A reliable insider said that she is doing something unexpected with the album (but not in terms of the sound) and that it's probably going to be delayed. Rock Candy Sweet was/is now just a lyric. The title track is not produced by Jack (or any of her usual collaborators). Also a snippet leaked and we freaked out for like 3 min cause the whole song (French Restaurant) leaked very quickly and it's an old song.
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