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  1. Mash Tragic


    Old LB was indeed wild.
  2. I've never really understood what a ballad is Right now, I'd say: 1. Yosemite 2. Honeymoon 3. Cherry Blossom 4. Old Money 5. Oh Say Can You See But it really depends on my mood tbh.
  3. Can't wait for them to call me. Lan, I don't want money, just fame.
  4. ... I still dislike her breathy vocals in White Dress. I mean, it kinda bothers me. I can't consider it her best opener because of it, even though I love the melody with all my heart, and it's making me so sad.
  5. Oh, I didn't think about that! It makes sense Anyways, why are we hating on Jack again? We won't have another NFR! so I think we can leave him alone now
  6. I don't know what to think about Jack. He's a talented producer and I loved his work with Lana, but I'm pretty sure I've replayed Blue Banisters and Wildflower Wildfire twice as much as COCC and NFR! reunited. Plus, I don't know why all these girls want to work with him. As an artist, why would you want the same sound as other musicians? Wouldn't you want to have your own sound? Opinion that no one asked for, but I remember someone saying they'd like the blue banisters to appear on the cover, and I couldn't help but think it would be really cool if they were green and grey. You'd expect them to be blue as the title suggests, but the cover would actually refer to the line in the song. I don't know, I thought it would be fun.
  7. I'm bored and still disgusted by the Burger Jack pic so I made this incredible gif featuring 70s glasses Lan
  8. I actually really like Breaking Up Slowly but its structure feels unfinished(?), like it was an interlude instead of a full song, y'know
  9. Why is there so many ways to pronounce one word? I'm so lost. Ngl I'm almost glad my ear isn't totally used to English so her "our Kansas/Arkansas/whatever she's saying" isn't bothering me when I'm listening
  10. I've been a fan since like forever (I saw an article years ago about how much she had this Lana vibe, even though I don't particularly agree) and I was quite surprised she didn't have a thread here. Her songs and whole aesthetic are seriously amazing. I couldn't stop listening to the Archer when it came out.
  11. For real the wait is so painful it feels like the album's coming in 2030. Next time, I want her to really surprise drop her album, so we can have the best of an era without the worse (silence, waiting, weird political interviews, QftC10, three-year-old single, etc etc). I think we deserve it after all these years of lies.
  12. Can't believe you're still debating over LMLYLAW, we really need White Dress
  13. I dreamed I hated the For Free cover but then, an alternate version leaked and it was sooo beautiful, with incredible harmonies (Weyes' voice was to die for, kinda reminded me of Holocene with a tint of Freak bridge) and some reeaaally cool guitars I still have it in mind but it sucks I'm no musician and I have like 0 voice. So frustrating, I don't want to forget it
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