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  1. good idea, i’ll try that. thanks ! omg tysmmm
  2. hey ! anyone know where this white top is from?
  3. for makeup i ended up just doing some highlight in the inner corner of my eyes with some kinda bronze-y / orange eyeshadow & just normal lipgloss. the dress i chose was kinda long & flowy & black with pink flowers. & i wore white ballet flats for shoes. i tried to do little lana gestures on stage too. i just love her paradise tour performances 🥺
  4. aw thank you ! yes it already passed by the time i saw this, but good advice for the future !
  5. hii guys, i’m singing young & beautiful for a concert tonight - any ideas of how i could make it more lana-like (specifically her performances from the paradise tour) in terms of gestures, movements, / clothes & makeup or just anything in general?
  6. anyone know if the violet vinyls are still available at barnes & noble?
  7. guys i think she’s just making fun
  8. hey guys i can’t remember who on here wrote the long ass essay about yosemite but if any of you have it would you mind sending it to me? i would like to read it now that i’ve heard the song. thanks
  9. “we did it for the right reasons” someone help what is “it” ??
  10. so ... is anyone else’s pre-order not showing up in their apple music library? it says “purchased” next to all the tracks when i go to the actual itunes store, but it won’t let me download it
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