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  1. guys imagine if the album wasn't called rock candy sweet or blue banisters. boz said the “title track” wasnt produced by jack but he never specified the title track was BB this kinda is more wishful thinking than anything because “blue banisters” doesn’t sound like a revenge album
  2. maybe they know something we don’t... omg ... blue popsicle.... blue bannisters?
  3. do we think boz used the squidward licking a popsicle pic as a clue? maybe the cover is from the day she took that blue popsicle pic...
  4. omfg it’s so weird how all of this is coming into fruition in time for QFTC’s bday because literally LAST NIGHT i had a dream that lana posted an igtv video titled “question for the culture 2.0”
  5. anyone else get kicked out of viewing the atrl blue bannisters thread
  6. I checked if cherry blossom was on shazam when she posted the lyrics and it already was, i don’t think it being registered means anything tbh
  7. on one hand i really want her to finish whatever she’s working on with mike and put that out, but on the other hand i reallllllly want a summer release
  8. so... this album is “shocking” in some way rock candy sweet is a lyric blue bannisters is not produced by jack (possibly mike dean?) and described as “cute” mike dean confirmed working with lana but said they aren’t done lana is telling us the album comes out july 4th (63 days) the vinyl process takes 90 days
  9. this is for paula deen who’s talking shit about us wanting a horror theme album on atrl
  10. her worst album title the only thing that can save it is an amazing psychedelic blue tinted cover.... i’m not gonna hold my breath
  11. the scrobble guy was @actuallylucas but I just checked his last.fm and none of those songs were there so unless it’s someone else it’s probably fake
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