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  1. If a delay happens I hope she puts out some Collabs first, especially if she's going in a different direction from the last album and it's more up beat
  2. I need this kind of vibe especially for the summer. I would love Lana to be doing music like this when she is abit older
  3. I have just emailed and asked if they could put the album up for pre order hopefully something will happen
  4. Im waiting for the entire cocc to cum and emerse myself ... It made me feel like god
  5. I just want new Lana music I can twerk too We should stay that close to Jesus
  6. This definitely is Lana though but doesn't sound like it is from cocc https://www.instagram.com/p/CL1PAupoFof/
  7. Just listened to wild one and think that it would really fit in to cocc especially as being the last track as she's coming to the realization she's wild because of the man that use to be in her life . Also the lyrics at the end "once I found my way, but now I'm lost" could lead on to the next album so well
  8. Ah okay it's by tato breaking up slowly, I can just imagine the same production Lana's breaking up slowly might have but it would be more country sounding
  9. Has it worked now? Probably will sound nothing like Lana's but just bored and kind of imagine Niki lane singing instead of the man
  10. wonder if Lana's breaking up slowly will sound like this but more country and can imagine a more slowed down production that Jack does
  11. Now that summertime is out, can we please have the cover album this year. Why do I feel like she's going to drop a new date at Christmas 😩 Anyway summertime sounds beautiful
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