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  1. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Freak Like Me vs. The Blackest Day (Demo)
  2. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Cruel World vs. French Restaurant
  3. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Wild At Heart vs. Wild One (V2)
  4. White Dress: 27 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 5 (-) Tulsa Jesus Freak: 19 (+) Wild At Heart: 25 Yosemite: 32
  5. White Dress: 20 Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 5 Tulsa Jesus Freak: 17 Wild At Heart: 18 Dark But Just A Game: 13 Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: 5 Yosemite: 15 Dance Till We Die: 15
  6. Pretty Dull

    Song vs. Song

    Shades Of Cool vs. Cinnamon Girl
  7. Wild At Heart, Yosemite, White Dress
  8. I actually hate the standard cover more than I initially did upon reveal, I tried to like it, but after listening to the album, I feel like it really misrepresents the album. Either of the alternate covers would have fit so much better with the lyrics and imagery
  9. My ranking changes on a seemingly daily basis, but after a few listens to Chemtrails, here's where it falls in my initial reranking, I could see it potentially becoming my favorite Lana album Honeymoon Ultraviolence Chemtrails Over The Country Club Norman Fucking Rockwell AKA Paradise Born To Die Lust For Life
  10. Zara Larson, I tried listening to her new album Poster Girl, but it just very bland and dated, I tried to give it a fair shot and went in wanting to like the album, but I think her music just really isn't my thing
  11. 1. Tulsa Jesus Freak 2. White Dress 3. Yosemite 4. Dark But Just A Game 5. For Free 6. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 7. Dance Til we Die 8. Chemtrails Over The Country Club 9. Wild At Heart 10. Let Me Love You Like A Woman 11. Breaking Up Slowly
  12. The heartshaped Love/Lust For Life vinyl
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