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  1. Alert Alert 🚨 This sounds AMAZING. Hopefully it's actually something off RCS/BB (Is this allowed? If not I'll edit and remove sorry)
  2. Not sure sorry I didn't do anything and my account isn't anything special it's just my personal account, got accepted instantly
  3. lol that post is about Wolf Alice's Blue Weekend, it doesn't say anything about Billie Eilish. The caption says "Ellie", the singer in the band
  4. Why are there 100 people browsing the thread rn, just the BOZ insider news? Sorry I hate to be that person and would usually just go back and read but I'm busy today (I graduate college tomorrow!!! )
  5. I can't tell because no timestamps lol. But either way why wouldn't whoever did it second credit the other or at least change anything? Quite rude
  6. Oh damn you're right, I just checked Discord and Eclipse posted it first I think (ATRL doesn't have exact timestamps but seems like Eclipse said it first then BOZ just reposted without credit)... BOZ being a phony confirmed 👀 Idk who copied who... either way what a mess 👀
  7. Eclipse didn't say that, BlackOutZone did I'm wrong, Eclipse seems to have posted it first then BOZ just reposted without credit 👀 It could be the other way around, ATRL doesn't have timestamps so I can't be 100% sure but I think Eclipse posted first Girl idk who copied who but either way this is a mess 👀 Oh well BB dropping when?
  8. lol she even said "just a selphie". It could be anything Lana changes her mind every 5 minutes. Delusion
  9. BlackOutZone (insider on ATRL) said he thinks an unreleased song is on BB so people are guessing it's Cherry Blossom (based on nothing other than delusion)
  10. Agreed, & I don't really understand the obsession with unreleased songs being on albums... we already have the songs why would we want them to take up a tracklist spot when we could get something new instead?
  11. He's on Instagram @ Planet_Eclipse https://instagram.com/planet_eclipse?igshid=q5zuwxkwa5mh
  12. Just came here to share this too! Eclipse posting the length of the song makes me think it's coming sooner than we think
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