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  1. she knew what she was doing with that selphie… she’s a marketing genius
  2. that picture is ugly and that’s not an opinion that’s a fact. and what makes it ugly is the editing, it’s monstrous, disgusting, and vile. i’m guessing that’s the general consensus, i don’t think anyone would be okay with this picture being the artwork. at least chemtrails had its meaning and expressed the album’s thematics to some extent and what not, but this picture says exactly nothing about the sound/vibe/theme of the album. the only thing that give hints are the title and the release date. both are very americana. and this is not me being negative, this is me asking for professionalism. lana’s visuals have been part of her success, if it weren’t for her aesthetic, lana wouldn’t be lana and she wouldn’t be where she is today. the first thing a person sees when buying/streaming an album is the artwork, not even the title!! and an artwork HAS to sell, especially in Lana’s case, since her music is extremely intertwined with her visuals. also considering that mike dean posted the album announcement on his stories i’m guessing he is involved and the album has electronic hip hop influences. so that gives me hope that the damned selfie is not the actual artwork. i mean, a boy can dream right?
  3. Cruel World 40 Ultraviolence 26 Shades of cool 57 Pretty when you cry 53 (+) Black Beauty 3 (-)
  4. Kill Kill - 15 Queen Of The Gas Station - 2 Oh Say Can You See - 21 For K, Part 2 - 14 Mermaid Motel - 26 Raise Me Up - 11 Pawn Shop Blues - 20 Yayo - 21
  5. 1. 13 Beaches - 16 2. 24 - 12 4. Art Deco - 13 5. Bartender - 17 6. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems - OUT 7. Bel Air - 13
  6. love drought ALWAYS gave me lana vibes (in the sense that it’s atmospheric and vocal layers and all of that). i really think that lana and him can make it work omg
  7. tulsa jesus freak, dark but just a game, and yosemite also, just wondering, how will the shipping be handled? who would be paying and are you able to ship it internationally? thank you for doing this
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