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  1. watch Lana dropping the album out of nowhere and not even mentioning that it's out
  2. out for 2 weeks and nothing happened... well, she's just.... herself....
  3. i will not buy her any more meal if nothing comes this week
  4. she travels in time. she is a BITCH. That puta just does not give a fuck about the way we suffer
  5. where's the queen who found out the cocc cover on her website code? WE NEED U
  6. hey. just to let you know that we found out the tracklist on shazam 3 weeks before the preorder dropped. time to work ladies and gays. we have 3 songs now. let's start our mission
  7. i feel like these songs are her way to see what people will think about the album in general. She set the mood for what's coming and she was making sure how people would react to be ready for critics when album drops, me thinks
  8. The title track always switch between 1 and 2 on her tracklists. BTD - was track 1 UV - was track 2 HM - was track 1 LFL - was track 2 NFR - was track 1 COCC - was track 2 BB is supposedly track 1 so if it's not is a break on a tradition
  9. if Blue Banisters is the opening track, the album won't have a instrumental intro and all of her albums have it... maybe this is a break on a tradition or maybe BB won't be the opening track (which is a break on a tradition too)
  10. possible tracks on BB: Blue Banisters Wildflower Wildfire Text Book Sugary Sweet Garden Of Eden Loved You Then And Now Unidentified Flying Bill - maybe Bird World - maybe Cherry Blossom - maybe
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