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  1. somebody lying again then if it was the case i wouldn’t mind someone huge, at least it would add something unlike flops like nikki who don’t contribute anything to her career
  2. did eclipse really say there’s a HUGE female collab on bb with a hint and the hint’s a grammy ?
  3. no one wants her to go back to her "old style" idk where y’all get that from. most of us just want more depth and production, the depth her production used to have. she could make a gospel, country, rap album and i wouldn’t fucking care as long as it’s well PRODUCED. every song on chemtrails would’ve been a banger if emile, rick or dan produced them but they all ended up flat, sometimes empty, lacking that depth and heaviness her work usually has. cinnamon girl still has some of those productional elements so that proves it’s not impossible for her to go back to that, just in a more mature and present way, without the daddies and lolitas and THAT’S what we want
  4. i don’t agree why would she work with mike then ? none of his productions sound like the nfr/cocc snoozefests (production wise). we all thought she’d be stuck with jack and his boring piano for ever and now look at us... about to win again soon I think her going back to heavy production is a real possibility, it’ll just be done in a maybe more mature or slightly different way but i don’t think another honeymoon or so would be impossible for her
  5. that’s probably because who tf wants to stream an album the creator of said album doesn’t give a fuck about ? like since prerelease she didn’t give me ONE single time the feeling she liked that album and even wanted us to listen to it...so why should i? i mean i love the album and songs but besides the barely existent production, the fact it lacks any real banger and the fact there’s no clip, no tour, no hype and not even lana pretending to care about that album etc idk there’s nothing that tells me "oh yeah cool let’s listen to chemtrails"... in retrospect she should’ve just scrapped it and focused on BB from the beginning tbh
  6. what’s iconic about one of the most embarrassing moments of her career tho ? let’s not forget that qftc was insensitive af and terribly bad written for such a great writer. tbh i don’t want her to revisit that moment ever again especially not in a "i’m right y’all are wrong xoxo" type of way...
  7. no i think somebody posted it somewhere idk it was late and i was high but apparently it was fake so never mind
  8. just her filmed from the side, she looked casual as usual so i assume they were probably in his studio the post was ? well... hope they get hit by a bus then
  9. i don’t know if anyone mentioned it but why did mike dean post lana in a video (?) on insta and then quickly deleted it tf? *apparently fake ok then fuck them because she already knew back then that cherry blossom would be on BB and that’s why she uploaded it in advance with yosemite and the reason why she teased the lyrics multiple times after WE CANT STOP WINNING CHERRY BLOSSOM IS COMING
  10. at this point harass them cause this bitch blocked me after calling them out on...well being too dumb to even try to make up a decently convincing lie?? like if you wanna spread false "insider" crap at least make somewhat believable and don’t get mad when people call you out for spreading false things... they posted one of her demos during cocc prerelease saying they got it from a reliable leaker and it was like yes to heaven or so
  11. he didn’t produce lemonade tho he only made love drought which is one of her best songs TRIPPY SPACEY HIP-HOP LANA IS COMING
  12. the way i just thought: that video had absolutely nothing to do with the chemtrails era right?? i mean the whole sarcastic tone, her making fun of the things the media tells her/thinks of her, the glamorous photoshoot...nothing of that seems cocc like but it seems VERY similar to her looks lately (notably the last twitter pic and the popsicle one) AND to everything she said about the media and controversies lately. So what IF the interview shoot was tied to BB, which she was probably already working on in september if she was shooting a music video in november, and tied to the headspace the album will be in....
  13. thanks y’all then it’s either fake or maybe someone else’s (which i doubt). a courtney collab seems pretty plausible tho i mean that’s a long time coming so it wouldn’t be a surprise if that one was coming one day.
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