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  1. Luv we all know she hasn’t performed it yet what we are saying is that ... she has only done ONE SHOW for the after school tracks. the fact she didn’t sang that track YET does not mean she hates it.
  2. like I said, one live performance, as all "can't wait till I'm out of k-12" streams were the same just streamed at different time zones. She has done glued in an acoustic session at an interview and sang number along with a guitar on her Instagram stories
  3. she has done one live concert and an acoustic version for a magazine interview hold your horses
  4. he literally said it was for the K-12 tour, that plays while they are changing the sets to Show & Tell
  5. the theme was already out, she then sent in the song for pickings and they did it and her team surprised her with
  6. the music video came out on October 15, 2014 after her song had been used for AHS promo since September. we know the song came out before the music video, but the whole cry baby album was released after the season aired .... which was my point against the comment made earlier
  7. Freak Show started to air on October 8, 2014 Cry Baby came out on August 14, 2015 + Carousel was used on the season trailer, so she knew about the concept already, and payed homage on the music video by having twins conjoined by their hair braid and a ticket holding hand just like a promo for the season. )
  8. theya re not connect by the hip and don't really trust each other so ... i doubt it but she could have gotten the idea from it as she was still writing songs for cry baby at the time
  9. people are calling that untitled song snippet "prom night" that's why I put it under quotes. Sadly AK-47, Coloring Book, and Seesaw have not leaked just yet so it's not really part of the era
  10. now we need the full "prom night" so we can move on the newer leaks so this new leak era can be fully done
  11. NOPE it went smothly as always, must be a regional thing then
  12. Is working just fine here
  13. nope a random rapper that has worked with Kinetics a couple of times https://twitter.com/search?q=%40AccentLyrics %40kineticsmusic&src=typed_query
  14. Vilmos Heim is the actor that played Brendon on K-12, and he ahs confirmed that he had lines in the movie that ended up being cut from it, hence why he is aware that he was in fact "Strawberry Boy" Even before the movie came out some websites were naming his characters like such:
  15. Strawberry boy was an early concept for K-12, it was supposed to be a whole scene in the gymnasium where the said boy (which later turned out to be Brendon) was chasing after her cause he wanted to "assault her" She later changed the concept for obvious reasons, and it trurned into Strawberry Shortcake, hence why she starts the scene in a locker room and the song has those sounds too ... and has Strawberry in the title. This can be backed up by a tour poster in which we see Cry baby and Strawberry boy/Brandon climbing a rope, the photo is from the same shoot as those with the nurse's office and the blackboard that leaked before K-12 came out. Toothbrush was a K-12 deluxe track, re-worked for After School ... obviously scrapped, very personal to Melanie reminiscent of "Dear Porcupines" where she speaks on how kids bully her for her gap.
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