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  1. 2 per release: Kill Kill, Yayo Million Dollar Man, Video Games Bel Air, Gods & Monsters Shades of Cool, Pretty When You Cry God Knows I Tried, Honeymoon Heroin, 13 Beaches Venice Bitch, hope is a dangerous thing Dark But Just a Game, Yosemite
  2. Finally got the shipping notification
  3. !! This. I love love Chemtrails and am listening to it as I type, but what you said here is very true. There’s a quietness/flatness throughout the record that leaves parts of itself feeling distant and fuzzy. Chemtrails would have been even more killer if the instrumentals were a bit more present and matched the vocal intensity, clarity, and exploration. I think Jack is a good producer, but not the one for Lana going forward. That being said, NFR! and Chemtrails are beautiful and deserve their places in her discography. I guess I just want her to build from this sound and keep pushing expectations.
  4. rabbit


    Blue Banisters 🖤
  5. !!!! love this, though LDR mini-game...successfully dodge American press, Haley Bonar, and sticking to given release dates for more stamina!
  6. Still one of her best songs, and simply one of the best songs of all-time! Still evokes the same feeling it did a decade ago. BTD-era (and before) work absolutely changed and shaped parts of my life And to think of all that would come... Thank you, sweet song
  7. rabbit

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Haha okay anyway... Gonna order the vinyl for this era's collection, but idk...pretty underwhelmed with the feature AND WHY DIDN'T WE GET THAT GORGEOUS SINGLE COVER??? Strange, strange choices
  8. Received a package from Newsstand this morning, and it's the St. Vincent cover, not Lana's I'm a recent fan of Annie's work so I'm not that mad tbh, but still. In the confirmation email sent March 12th, there is this blurb: Please note: If the expected batch date is within the next 7 days, there is a chance we will deliver the issue that follows based on the performance of importers and suppliers. In these instances we will gladly refund your purchase should you wish us to. Has anyone else received the St. Vincent cover, or did you get Lana's?
  9. Said he can't talk about it much further, but they are working together!!
  10. Mike Dean just confirmed he's working with Lana in a livestream!
  11. Finally got the Neil PD from the UK store this morning It's gorgeous!! Everything has arrived except for the LDR village stuff now :,)
  12. rabbit

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Well, at least we're closer to the PTP vinyl release (??)
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