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  1. florence on cruellaaaaaaaaa
  2. no idea where to post this but, lana now has an animated profile on apple music on ios 14.5 ! : https://imgur.com/a8B8bad
  3. (idk if someone has said that this i don’t wanna look through this thread) can we please talk abt how the tik tok stans are believing this lie? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeaSgu1L/
  4. currently shopping at this target. lana come back 😩😩
  5. is there a masterpost somewhere of all florence's unreleased? im tired of using youtube </3
  6. my friend @taylorshrine on instagram has been chatting with her sugar daddy (who knows lana) and he sent her these unseen photos of lana, sean, sean’s friend (the sd) and his daughter. dm her for more info ! https://imgur.com/SxTZYNA https://imgur.com/SYHS2WH
  7. i have a few thoughts about the song: 1. what if the vocalizing in the outro of the music video could be dealer stems. she said dealer is just her screaming, and the outro is literally her screaming. also sad that its not on the album version 2. the drums at the end of the song remind me of queen of the gas station demo 1 outro. anyone else?
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