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  1. Carmen Del Rey

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs White Dress
  2. I have a feeling she's gonna be silent for the rest of the month. We're getting nada. No snippets, selfie, interview, anything. At least until after her birthday, which, fun fact - falls on the same day Mercury Retrorgade ends.
  3. I love this comment. I am waiting for Lana to spill some TEA with this album. I hope she stands by wanting revenge LMFAOOO
  4. no offense or anything but ig these songs will have to grow on me. I've only listened to each once but they didn't really do anything for me.... I wonder if Rock Candy Sweet will still be a single... I hope so
  5. Red hair Lana is my favorite!!!!
  6. Not to be negative but I agree with you. I love her but.... Yeah
  7. Yeah I don't think it was her natural voice either, she trained herself/lowered her voice AND dyed her hair bc she thought she wasn't being taken seriously. Her high notes are so pretty tho, incredible really.
  8. Hell yeah it is LFL gets no love </3
  9. Only half the album of Chemtrails is good, if even that much. Is this an unpopular opinion? But I have always supported queen mother every era and stream it regardless.
  10. Omg I'm so late but I love how my three favorite songs from my favorite album are winning!!! For that reason I will not be participating in this one lol
  11. I knew I was gonna love it but I didn't know it would legit make me cry lol First verse did on the first listen.....
  12. I know what you mean. I like Chemtrails, but it's not my favorite album, and I don't think it's her best. It's the tracks that ARE amazing that stand out tho. Do they make up for it? No, because in my opinion there's not enough. I'm not sure where I'd rate Chemtrails with her other albums rn, but it's okay not to LOVE it, don't feel bad!!! Honeymoon is still my fav album and always will be and it's from 2015. NFR is second though, I agree with the no skips part I just also feel that way about Honeymoon. Honeymoon and NFR both hit home HARD for me :(((( I can't explain, but they're the only two albums that make me feel some type of way. Still love her others obviously.
  13. how is dbjag not winning the poll... also, pls be the music next video the top 4 winning are MY top four favorites!!!!!!! yessss good taste babes
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