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  1. There are snippet lyrics updated on genius. Do we know where they're from or if they're real? Venus Flytrap: Pandora's Box:
  2. I'm honestly curious about the relationship between the artist and the producer. Like, imagine a situation to which Jack would respond "Yeah that's a cool idea" while Mike would be like "Nah Elizabeth this is shitty we'll have to rework this"
  3. I'm manifesting 12-14 pls Lana make it long and beautiful. I'm thirsty for some meandering, complex piece
  4. I just want Dealer I envision it having those wild vocals piercing through the instrumental and my eardrums
  5. Sooo happy our girl didn't pull a "third time's a charm" and didn't serve another Jack album. I love NFR and COCC but it's time to try new things
  6. Elizabeth has been making me perplexed every pre-release since Norman... She's so strange and wild
  7. I'm unhinged and unhappy but I seriously think she would sound great if she tried to create something disco-influenced
  8. HyperVelvet


    I'm manifesting a late 2021-early 2022 release
  9. I hope that in near future she'll tease something reminiscent of the unexpected direction the insider has hinted at
  10. She's teasing sumn on IG OMG she looks amazing. Maybe it's Venus Flytrap or the album trailer?
  11. HyperVelvet

    Taylor Swift

    The bridge of the last great american dynasty is one of her career highlights
  12. The "Candle in the wind" Trilogy: Yosemite, MAC, TJF is finished. No more sequels miss Elizabeth
  13. If this unhinged byatch goes for country, it had better be lana-esque Golden Hour
  14. I've seen a boutique with an identical font used in this new album
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