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  1. OK but for real...I think Lana with Tame Impala production would slap. Also if piano is still prevalent on BB I hope it'll be sonorous and haunting (which apparently could be the point since the first seconds of the Map of LA snippet sound low-key dark)
  2. This thread is evolving but like backwards lol
  3. Such a nice week to reveal the tracklist and the date ngl
  4. PeroxidePrincess


    Relief... ...is the best feeling in the world
  5. PeroxidePrincess


    Oh I would love that ngl! Too bad Jack isn't Arca
  6. I want it to come out in September, end of summer is the classic Lana season I could also treat it as a beginning of a new chapter in my life; the NFR era started when I began highschool and BB could come out before I start uni (and COCC was released right before that highschool hell ended)
  7. PeroxidePrincess


    As much as I'm starting to dislike Jerktonoff's production (took me some time), he can't make every single song on a record bad. I'm claiming Oceanic Feeling and penis Mood Ring
  8. PeroxidePrincess


    Flute and saxophone on Oceanic Feeling and Fallen Fruit
  9. Is she featured on BB or sumn Nikki found dead I'm-
  10. I hate her... When I saw it wasn't a single announcement but another photo of her friend (love that for her, but c'mon) I sighed so aggressively the whole air left my body
  11. Nikki is the new "fetch", it's not gonna happen Lans
  12. PeroxidePrincess


    I wish the demo of Adore U leaked
  13. PeroxidePrincess


    New Gods is the most different, it had some nice beat before the chorus and throughout the rest of the song. B4 The Fever is also slightly different, the other songs sound almost the same, they're just not completely mastered I guess (the demos should be on YT btw)
  14. Y'all I have exclusive insider tea that the new lead single is called Not a trumper (feat. FLOTUS and Melania Trump)
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