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  1. Pretty Baby vs My Momma
  2. im so hopeful even though almost nothing has properly been confirmed yet but idc i like being optimistic. its fun
  3. i would love this tradition revived and her signature font on the cover as well
  4. happy birthday video games <3 such a beautiful song to this day. i remember the day i first heard this song in the car in early 2012, i was like 8, after swimming my sister put her new cd in and when this song came on i was immediately infatuated with lana and whenever we were in the car i used to yell lana, lana! until my sister put the song on lol and when born to die came out i did the same<3
  5. this is so pretty omg and the lyrics are beautiful <3 i love laptop demos, such a interesting viewpoint of her creation process back in the day
  6. i like how half of the forum has just decided that RCS and BB are separate lol lana we r getting desperate say something please
  7. omg this thread is almost 500 pages long and we've talked about barely anything
  8. in florida kilos i always thought it was 'white lines pretty daddy gold skin' and literally the other day found out it was 'go ski it' not 'gold skin' in cola i always thought she said 'hubby's in the sky with diamonds and he's making me crazy' lol
  9. ufb, dealer, coconut and key lime pie (which i dont even think anyone has)
  10. video games (the video that started it all), born to die, ride, national anthem, honeymoon, all the ultraviolence mv's, hbtb, chemtrails, white dress (even tho its simple i love it) . ^^ in no particular order
  11. after she changed the font in l4l the trajectory of her life and music changed she needs to put the original font back so that the natural order will be restored
  12. do we want the original 'lana del rey' font on the album cover or do we not
  13. ive got so much faith that this wont be another piano ballad but if it is im going to scream
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