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  1. BoZ's comment wasn't originally noted to be about delays so maybe something else is changing (read: album cover or assumed title) and they wanted to backtrack
  2. but really i want an album with bangers. i mean radio/lucky ones demo/without you/ottr, SOC/PWYC/florida kilos, mtwbt/hbtb bridge/salvatore, serene queen, california, you get the feeling
  3. i just want to connect with the album, particularly lyrically, and i don't mean relate but just CONNECT case in point i cannot deeply relate to put me in a movie and a million other lana songs.... but i connect with them anyways and that's what i want
  4. tanqueray and chardonnay livin like a lush in fame he likes my lemon sweet and cherry pie the golden apple of his eye poolside cool and paintin blue paintin banisters navy blueeeeee
  5. i remember (fake) lyrics being posted during COCC prerelease so maybe? might want a 2nd opinion though
  6. i need the energy of her recent sunglasses moments channeled into this era
  7. i don't know why or how we have this info but apparently the era will properly start in 2 weeks. do not know where that originated from... BoZ?
  8. french restaurant... another french monologue like carmen... paint me sweet... painting blue banisters
  9. i think it's "look at you painting cool in the color blue" not "in the garden"? but that's just what i hear... but i'm like pretty sure... edit i keep switching in between garden/color blue. let me know what u think
  10. i'd love something medium sized for 10th anniversary, i could see 15 years being even bigger with boxsets and such but would i complain if they did something like that now? absolutely not it'd be a rare occurrence of us actually getting a good idea
  11. paint me BLUE BABY blueeeee baby you know what to do can you tell i havent listened to the snippet
  12. have confidence in your desperation!! i actually had not put together the sense of security and protection that ties into banisters... maybe she's craving security, stability, safety with the banisters, but when she asks him to paint her banisters blue... tinge her life with sadness? or color? it's not black banisters, but blue? tbh i've always had a hard time keeping track of her use of blue/black so i feel a little lost there but there's definitely an interesting tie i had to search them in my music library baby blue love lives rent free in my mind though, same with tired of singing the blues... color blue... iconic to say the least
  13. baby blue love is the underrated sister of noir leave her with the rest of those icons
  14. baby BLUE love gramma (BLUE ribbon sparkler trailer heaven) tired of singing the BLUES color BLUE (wild on you) hey BLUE baby
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