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  1. i come back and the first thing i see is suggesting that jack might be on this album omg okay
  2. oh hell no... MULTIPLE projects??? get this man OUT
  3. well then we were used to grandeur i appreciate the small details like in chemtrails, but i also want... big details
  4. exactly excited to hear cherry blossom and thunder within the record, don't need any more unreleased though!!! i just like surprises and also i'm super interested to hear songs she wrote RECENTLY, since they give us some perspective of where she's at in her life and her current thoughts and feelings which i love
  5. girls WHY are we manifesting any leaked songs on ldr8... especially when we've already heard 5 of the probably 11-14 songs leave the rest as a surprise!!
  6. in the nicest way possible, i hope this does not exist
  7. honeybadger

    Song vs. Song

    bel air vs yayo
  8. when lana finally destroys the rumors of her burning bibles and hating god by revealing that actually she is in fact god! still will be the queen of loving her fans after she sends us all to hell!!
  9. when lana demotes elle to mod status and becomes lanaboards admin
  10. cant wait for her to become an insider and leak her own album information as lanaboards exclusives!!!! ready for lana's eclipse era... she treats us too well
  11. 30 minutes ago when i revealed a phase i had of attraction to a certain very niche very specific genre of men that i refuse to disclose more information about when was the last time you listened to ldr?
  12. finally giving us everything we want and deserve!!! when she sends it to you you better share it bestie
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