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  1. I don't care what it'll be. I just want I to be. AND on the 21st and I want her to be sexy and to past Ariana and the others
  2. "this is pure sex for the ears" lol! but true
  3. Wow that's impressive..10 years..Video Games is one of my all time favourite Lana songs and it always makes me cry, after all these years and all the times listened to it. I'm so happy so think about all the art and music she's been creating since then, how great she is..we really should feel super lucky to live in this generation and to see her growing every year as a true artist <3
  4. I honestly feel like a real photoshoot + album interview is coming soon
  5. Well it seems like we have in mind all the kind of possibilities..in my opinion, like many have said already, Blue Banisters is just Rock Candy Sweet retitled because it seems very unlikely that Ben ed Ed would let her release two albums between a month (1th June and 4th July). As much as I would love to see two albums released in such a short time, I think that Blue Banisters is the album and probably Rock Candy Sweet may be a single coming in June. And i do hope that it's coming on the 4th July because I want it to be a summer album, and she actually seems, in my opinion, pretty confident with this: she didn't say the date to a random fan or something else. But her managers didn't repost anything of what she posted, neither the BB snippet, which is weird cause that is clearly the music video for the title track and it seems done; while in August 2020 they even reposted from her (if I remember correctly) the TJF snippet, writing that new beautiful music was coming soon. So it's really strange that they didn't post anything yet.. I think that if she keeps the date, we might have the preorder in June, with official cover and tracklist, and Blue Banisters title track in May. And we'll have to wait for some real interviews to understand something more.. I also think that the two albums that her managers talked about in the Music Week interview were just Blue Banisters/Rock Candy Sweet and the covers album, which I think was merged with the American Standards and Classics and country covers album. Which are the same I think that she mentioned in that tweet in November where she said she was working on two albums: one of those was surely BB because the video for the song was shooted in November. But anyway, I really want to believe that it's coming on the 4th. And if they delay it, I hope it will still come in 2021, it would be great if she could be able to release two albums in a year! <3
  6. I can't wait to update is with Blue Banisters music video
  7. I want Honeymoon kind of luxury back and some aesthetic like this again
  8. I will update this costantly - what are your favourite videos, and why? I had to make two polls because i included all the videos, hope it's ok! And please let me know if there's something i should correct!
  9. I can't stop listening to the snippet, I can't wait to hear the full song, and the video is so sweet..breaks my heart It also reminds me in someway of Let Me Love You Like A Woman...maybe for the way she talks to her lover, the story behind the song..i don't know, i really get LMLYLAW vibes and chills when I hear it. But i'm not saying that melodically it sounds the same, i have the feeling that the part in the snippet is just the pre-chorus part, and i'm pretty sure it will have more intensity and stronger energy in the chorus and maybe in the bridge too!
  10. ok so let's hack the code https://lana.lnk.to/BlueBanisters
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