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  1. I think it’s okay to be disappointed in or upset with an artist that means a lot to us, but the manner in which we do it matters... The other day I was complaining about her unreliability about dates and comparing it to being shit-tested by someone I love which I regretted later. We can have our not-too-happy moments as expecting fans but she’s a very prolific artist who has been blessing us with her art quite frequently. I guess it’s just better not to follow an artist when you’ve obviously lost your respect for them to the extent that you’re directing your resentment towards the fandom. Anyway, I’d love love love it if she covered this:
  2. Would anyone like to share any mood based Lana playlists they made on Spotify?
  3. You know that I mean fans in general. I'm not even going to argue.
  4. I feel like someone is shit testing me to see how much I can take because I love them. I don't like her "I don't owe you anything" attitude. Not announcing dates after you know you simply have a problem living up to them would be just common courtesy at this point.
  5. When I was a songstress Wearing a mesh mask During COVID-19
  6. If she continues to “strip down” the sound even more, it’s just going to be her singing to a phone...
  7. I take Paxil, too, though mine is not colored violet. I’ve always thought it’s Xanax that she’s talking about.
  8. Banned for singing better than I do.
  9. It is truly unbelievable in that it does the exact same thing it seemingly opposes. Interpreting her whole image through the male gaze, defining her through imagined reactions she supposedly arouses in men, calling her names, implying her sexuality should be threatening to men and despised by women, suggesting that men would blame it on jealousy immediately if a woman were to criticize her... So fucked up.
  10. Found a short story which features Lana in a literary magazine. I think it’s interesting in that it reveals how she is generally perceived outside the fandom. The Horizontal Calf Scar by Alina Stefanescu At the academic roundtable on recent pop culture trends, the discussion centered on songstress Lana del Ray. Gretel, the only sandy-blonde of the bunch, held her own. The lyrics suggested a possible fourth wave of feminism, which the token male on the panel found to be highly implausible. Truly unlikely. I don’t want to like her, Gretel explained to a Sister during coffee hour, but the transgressive part intrigues me. Lana is a new avatar — the sex object gone wrong, the fuckable female who embodies all the maskuline fears about money, rage, moodiness, infidelity, and ulterior motives. I want to extend my research to answer the question of why men enjoy her. Why don’t they feel threatened? The panel is great, Jenny said, resting a hand on Gretel’s arm. You are doing a great job of representing us. Gretel shrugged. One could never be sure. Men like Lana because her position is still dependent on their lust. She is only as popular as she can be sexy. Jenny was right. Melancholy was the New Naughty. Gretel topped off her coffee and reconsidered the full-fat creamer. You’re right, Jenny. They own their automaton-gone-awry. She can never become undesirable and still matter. I’m attracted to the sad, plaintive moan of the noir-ish sexpot who knows her expiration date. It took twenty-four stitches to suture the stab wound on Gretel’s calf. The Lana del Ray acolyte had been arrested after tripping over a wheelchair ramp as he ran towards the parking garage door. He told the police the panel disturbed him — how Gretel represented all that was ugly and awful about female jealousy these days. That girl was just jealous of Lana. Of course there were others whom he found guilty of the same. It bothered him that these women didn’t believe in beauty. How could they get through life without holding anything sacred? Here’s the link: https://www.tingemagazine.org/7-stories-about-girl-scars/
  11. I wish I could like this more than once.
  12. I have never had a problem with the lyrics of “Ultraviolence” (the song). I’ve always believed true art expresses the ugly and fucked up in a beautiful way so that we can understand the mindset of the individuals under less-than-desirable circumstances.
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