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  1. Yup everythings up to date feel free yall
  2. LunaeManifestum

    Bebe Rexha

    Mama demo >>>> I enjoyed this album more than I enjoyed Expectations tbh
  3. LunaeManifestum

    Charli XCX

    well I love all her sophie prod songs but apart from that Heal My Heart is the one I've been always revisiting since it leaked this year, it reminds a lot of the TR era we used to love and cherish
  4. LunaeManifestum

    Charli XCX

    It is so hard to pick one but would you is a glorified gem. But i have to go with taxi since I am yet to see a bubblegum pop bass banger like that to be done again by any other artists
  5. LunaeManifestum

    Charli XCX

    https://mega.nz/folder/xoMDlCzb#_G8oRc0yZX1IvFOV0mhQXQ Up to date luv enjoy Is AG releasing a new ep with all these new remixes?
  6. LunaeManifestum


    I think I like the ending of the final version more than the demo. It really makes me feel like im floating through the clouds into oblivion idk.lol
  7. Talking about BTW era outtake leaks, god how I wish we could get to see all those shoots in 2:23
  8. WDBCF fits Crybaby era so much. a literal gem
  9. People have no shame y'all . Gaga is a trendsetter since day 1
  10. Ok I'll give this remix a few listens its just that I wasnt expecting Pussy Riot to be a feature in a Marina song this early.
  11. off topic but the last time I've read PTP lyrics they were like: "your home is not your prison" "solitude was coming everybody knew" etc. and now they are "your home is now your prison" and "saw the dawn was coming everybody knew" ... interesting
  12. God... wheres Venus Fly Trap anyway lets pretend this didnt happen
  13. I would've loved an alternate/directors cut edition of this mv.
  14. this is so amazing I really hope its real and why she wouldn't release it back then to promo the album ugh such a miss..
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