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  1. From AKA my fav song is Queen of Gas-station From Born to Die era my fav song is Radio From Ultraviolence it’s Sad Girl It’s difficult to say the best from Honeymoon but I’ll say Terrence Loves you From Lust For Life it’s Heroin Fav song from NFR is a tie between California and The greatest From Cocc it’s Dark but just a Game
  2. Teemu

    Lana Del Rey Quizzes

    Another Buzzfeed quiz: “Find Out Which Lana Del Rey Album Matches Your Soul“ https://www.buzzfeed.com/lanadelreysfuturewife/what-lana-del-rey-album-are-you-91jglhzw7a So accurate. I got: "Norman Fucking Rockwell!" You're introverted, strong, sweet, and — most of all — the best kind of person to be friends with. Being at home is your happy place, but going out is also one of your faves. You can be artsy when you feel like it!
  3. Not All Who Wander Are Lost How others view you is quite different than your own self-perception. Your sense of home is scattered and ever-changing, and more often than not, you often find refuge in romantic interests or flights of fantasy. You often feel that the people who claim to have their lives sorted out often are the most clueless to what’s truly important. You’re more receptive to new ideas than most. Song Recommendation: A Case of You by Joni Mitchell
  4. I came back here to praise this album again: So I’ve been playing Cocc every day for hours while I’ve been in quarantine. I love this album so much with all my heart. It’s my favourite album of all time. (I said what I said). I adore the production by Jack and oh my god Lana’s vocals - she has never sounded this good! The songs are excellent lyrically. Also I love Zella & Weyes and them singing on this album is really overwhelming because I didn’t know that they are friends with Lana. The only song I removed from the playlist that I’m listening is LMLYLAW because I’m not vibing it at all, I really have tried a lot to like it but no, the song doesn’t work. I feel like the album is better without it. The best song is Dark but just a Game. It’s possibly my favourite song from Lana as well. All the rest of the songs are 10/10 as well, although some took a bit of time to really understand. But seriously... Wow. She really created something magical with this album. I love Lana Del Rey even more now.
  5. Okay after listening to the album for like 83727 times I’m finally ready to speak: Thank you Lana. I love this album so f* much! It’s so beautifully creative. All the songs are 10/10 unique gems and they flow together so effortlesly. The only song that hasn’tl grown on me the same way than the rest is still LMLYLAW - it somehow isn’t on the same level than the rest of the songs. I kinda view it as an interval after three powerful opening songs. Still not a bad track in any means though. My favourite songs in no particular order are Chemtrails, Dark but just a bop & Yosemite.
  6. [spoiler] 1. Dark but just a game 10/10 2. Yosemite 10/10 3. White Dress 10/10 4. Chemtrails Over the Country Club 10/10 5. Tulsa Jesus Freak 9/10 8. Dance Till We Die 9/10 6. Wild at Heart 9/10 7. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 8/10 (This one keeps growing on me more and more...) 9. LMLYLAW 8/10 10. For Free 8/10 11. BUS 8/10 They are all great songs and what a beautiful project this is... [spoiler/]
  7. This era is kinda like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. He made the 2seasons & Fire Walk With Me long time ago and then he made the 3rd season of Twin Peaks in 2017 and stated that in order to understand fully you need to watch Fire Walk with Me. I feel like Lana is doing something similar with this project, perhaps an indirect sequal to AKA. Also Lynch had almost zero promo for his Twin Peaks: The return. Similar to Lana having almost no promo for Cotccf AKA The return to Lizzy Grant era
  8. Seriously this could’ve literally been my post. No joke.. I LOVE Sad Girl, Million Dollar Man and God Knows I tried. Been singing those for ages. They all hit me differently cause they are so damn relatable. Been playing Chemtrails as well, almost too much but there’s just something so magical specifically the bridge: Washing my hair, doing the laundry, late night TV, I want you on me like when we were kids under Chemtrails and Country Clubs... the instrumentals...
  9. I agree, and actually Lana has no bad songs haha. She has amazing gems in the middle of the albums that are not singles. First time listening to LFL and when Heroin started playing it really blew me away.
  10. Can’t wait for Wild at Heart!! NFR is going to be really hard to beat for me, there’s so many amazing songs in that album one after another it gets better: NFR, MAC, VB, FIILY, Love Song, Cinnamon Girl, California, TNBAR, The Greatest.... BUT I must say I am beyond enchanted by Chemtrails and if the rest of the songs are going to be as good as it is... Girl then I agree it’ll be her magnum opus! I have a feeling the album will become my favourite but at the same time my mind is playing tricks and I sometimes wander away from my intuition. Yeah, there’s some fear on my mind but as long as I don’t expect anything too much from the album or as long as I don’t focus on how I would like the album to be like, then I think I will enjoy it the most, I will enjoy it for what it is. And I feel like we’re in for a ride.
  11. Guys remember it's just his opinions. There's no way Yosemite is going to be the least favourite track from the album... It will serve trust me guys Also I don't quite understand why even contemplate Eclipse's opinions about the album at all? He is just another fan who has his own opinions.
  12. I just logged in and was pleasantly surprised! So many answered!! So for a celebration I decided to calculate all our rated points for each of the songs, giving 11 to our most favorite song and 10 to our next favourite song and so on and so worth.. This was really fun to do and gets the hype up for the album. But the results are: 1. White Dress : The upcoming new single got most votes, so many put it in first spot on their list. The album highlight? 2. Dark but just a Game : Can't wait to hear this song, it's all I can say. 3. Tulsa Jesus Freak : I guess the snippet helped TJF get higher on our lists. Cinnamon Girl vibes. Iconic. 4. Chemtrails over the Country Club : Her best music video and her best title track EVER. Washing my hair and doing the laundry feels amazing now. 5. Not All Who Wander are Lost : Will hopefully become the soundscape of the alternative cover. 6. Yosemite : We all know the story for this gem. We won. 7. Wild at Heart : If this song is anything like the David Lynch film it's gonna serve 8. Dance Till We Die : ''Outstanding'', said Mojo Magazine. 9. For Free : We know why it's low on the list. It's a cover. 10. Breaking Up Slowly : We'll see about this one once we hear the studio version. 11. LMLYLAW : Last but not least LMLYLAW. It's a grower. I hope more answers come to this topic!! I will add the points to the already existing points and then final results just before the album release. Then we'll see how we actually rate the songs when the album is out. Can't wait for the album!!!
  13. Guys help! I wonder where am I able to buy that alternative cover vinyl?? I live in Finland...
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