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  1. I think they might have confused spatial audio with lossless audio. Maybe DCMA has spatial audio?
  2. I stg Neil cares more about Lana's work than she does at this point
  3. I found the emojis in the social section of the website. The lollypop for the RSC post, the rose for the 'just lip gloss' post, the lips for the Easter post and the heart for one of the happy birthday posts.
  4. I wonder how the Jack Antanoff thirst thread feels about this...
  5. No because she doesn't want to spoil the rest of the visual album
  6. This is so true! Her recent music is cute but no matter how good the lyrics are, it doesn't make up for lacking production and melodies. Half of Salvatore is literally just her saying random Italian words but because of the melody it all comes together and makes a beautiful song. I understand that the 3 singles are meant to basically be spoken poetry set to music but I prefer something with a bit more substance.
  7. Do we know if she was part of the Gucci campaign or if she had worked on brand campaigns before?
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