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  1. I really want to know: How much he is involved in the album, how much of the album is finished, and the genres/themes We've got a week until the interview so there's plenty of time to think of questions
  2. I really like the idea of a BTD revival but with her new outlook on life and a new producer. I've been listening to some Mike Dean music and I'm interested as to how his sound will fit in with Lana's.
  3. I think you're under the impression that I'm way more invested in this than I actually am I just told you to take your negative energy elsewhere
  4. Wow you really thought you did something with this Please don't bring your pointless drama onto this thread Anyways, are we expecting a post today on the 10th anniversary of video games?
  5. The fact that she used capitals for Bodega Bae makes me want to think it's a song/poem title or lyric I don't know if I could take the confusion of having 4 songs and an album with BB initials
  6. I think the Bodaega Bae pic was from the COCC video. She has the exact same lip colour and hair, and she's only wearing a towel which makes sense because of the shower scene.
  7. Someone just edited the dates and titles. They're the same number of songs and are obviously the last in the list of listens for that day because they show the date at the top. https://www.last.fm/user/actuallylucas
  8. "[RCS is] a lyric Anyway I've been getting sent the weirdest theories asking if they are correct so I'm just gonna say that it's not even really about the sound of the album and don't be negative about this release. It's just something unexpected, but personally I'm kinda here for it! Trust the process and hope for the best, cheers." - BOZ Now I'm really curious... Maybe a musical like some people said, or a visual album?
  9. They didn't try to lie or make anything up... Maybe they are trustworthy?
  10. Can these insiders stop edging us Either tell us about it, or fuck off
  11. I really think the BB video was for TJF video. Every change of scene seems to match the song and even some lyrics. I'm not too sure about all of them but here's a few similarities that I've noticed: We know it was originally the title track so it makes sense that she would have made a video.
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