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  1. Whaaaaat new music i have to mentally prepare
  2. I want the exact energy she had when she took the blue popsicle pic . I want something spicy , badass and caustic
  3. I would love that direction I just want an element that will really spice up the sound of the album and differentiate it from the rest of her discography
  4. That would be magical i really want to relive all of my early teen memories now that i am older
  5. Him saying that we shouldnโ€™t be negative about this release is even more suspicious does he mean that we might not like it ?
  6. Him saying that the direction of sound is something totally different seems like a very bold statement to me we definitely need more information
  7. this whole conversation of him denying all these genres made me even more nervous
  8. I hope that this cryptic message of his means that she isn't going full country
  9. Itโ€™s hard for me to imagine that there is a collab with A$AP in the album after the snippet she gave us but maybe itโ€™s just me being pessimistic
  10. Garden of Eden such a beautiful name for a song tbh I would prefer an unreleased song that we havenโ€™t heard before
  11. I read somewhere that it might be Florence but I don't know what to think at this point. Billie sounds like a possible choice though
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