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  1. Imagine it Lana would do something in this style: https://youtu.be/C2Z3rTcixAM (Timbaland - Bounce) Not in any means a collaboration, but a naughty, catchy, up-beaty song about sex and stuff. And we all know that she actually CAN DO song like that! Be my daddy? Ridin? You van be the boss? Resistance? Girl that got away? It doesn't have to be too explicit but in some 'methamphors' And it she could diss a lil bit like Missy Elliot did there... 'Gold me up! Hell yeah! Like Lady Gaga, I ain't like man' UHM YEAH HOES ANTHEM
  2. I love that poem so much, I really identify with it and with sad story about relationship with mother (mine wasn't wonderful either). In spoken version these voices are like they were in her head, like wht she hears from other or what she would like to think about her stories. She seems often so unsure about her art but she shouldn't - it is beautiful! I know it isn"t so important thing but in spoken version I hear the first line like: 'Stand (on) path Sylwia Plath' Would somebody check it if I am right and change the lyrics in the first post, please? @Clampigirl sweety?
  3. @Diamantes WILD thanks for your wildness gurl!!! Im feeling that she's gonna post something within these two weeks. And Im with ya *Team Delulu*, hopping on two weeks train, chooo chooo!
  4. MANIFESTING IT WITH YA I was thinking why French Restaurant is sooo much better than all Jack's piano flops even if that song IS a piano one! Say whaaaaa 1. Piano sounds much deeper and with little echo (I don't know how it is called) 2. There are many layers of Lana voice and background ones - The whispery ones really does the job! 3. There are of course STRINGS which can evolve any piano flop to the next level! 4. There is some consistency lyrically-wise and mellody-wise So if Lana wanna do some piano songs, better she looks at that oldie song of hers - also manifesting it!!!
  5. Please, attack us with some scat , because when it happened last time, we got new info from Lana. Yeah I know I'm desperate...
  6. But isn't it strange that Clay portrayed Lanas ex? How would he feel acting him? Thinking that that men would trying make Lana babies? It is probably about one of her ex boyfriend but if I was Clay I wouldnt feel do good being in her mv about someone else
  7. So I have a feeling that blue banisters is not a song about Clay, because they are still together. I don't know where these teas came from. That song could be about one of her recent exes; John or police guy . But do we know if she wanted children with them? Hmm. Also we have only a little bit of song, maybe first verse is about what she wanted from relationship and second is about what she got/is gettin. And what about that lyrics: 'Summer comes, winter goes'? Maybe in the end she's got what she wanted? Or she's happy with him no matter what? TOO many questions
  8. OHMYGODNESS I was away because in Poland we had a spring holiday and I needed to read (almost!!!) 150 pages!!! that was such an emotional rollercoaster. My brain hurts But anyway Im glad that we have some news and that blue banisters are on their bluuuue way...
  9. This is us, waiting for Lanas sign about RCS. Team Delulu Strong! Edit: I forgot to ask wtf is that, but anyway Im high
  10. OMG how can she do that? Such a bad bitch vibe ahhh!!! My bi self wanna drown in those... ya know. Love!!!
  11. I think that her entire 'I came from poor' is something that she has chosen. She could have freely asked for help but I believe in almost cases she didn't. I am in the time of life where I am poor as sh*t (because of maaaany reasons) and if I asked some people for financial help I know that I would get that... But I choose not to.
  12. Reading in the same line Lana Del Rey and Placebo - My two favourite artist ever - was something I could only dreamed of
  13. I feel like today is THAT DAY!!!!! We r gonna be fed with some spicy info from Ms Lana herself. She will be bored out of hell and will finally spill some tea about RCS. That's how the clown inside my head is telling me...
  14. I googled back these lyrics and nothing same back. Only how to remove splinters from your hand... Any link?
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