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  1. No idea tbh, but I reckon it wouldn't be surprising if nothing happened in around 2 weeks with this era
  2. What do you guys think of Chemtrails now? It has been released for a few months already and I reckon most of you have formed an overall opinion of it. I'd say that I really really enjoyed listening to it once it came out, had the entire album on repeat for around two weeks in a row, but then I stopped listening to it. Now it seems to me that it's kind of like a mood album, which I can only listen to once I'm in that specific mood. Currently, I haven't listened to it for quite some time, which is kind of upsetting
  3. Maybe they are somehow related to the sound of the album? I'm not sure tho
  4. If we get some piano ballads on this album, I hope they have similar vibes to French Restaurant. That song is truly a piano track done really well
  5. Lol I feel the same way, it seems like I really need to be in a specific mood to listen to the song to enjoy it. But overall, I think it's quite a good song
  6. honeymo0n

    Song vs. Song

    cruel world vs ultraviolence
  7. Hoping for a pickup truck appearance on the cover, seems it would fit the vibe of the snippet she posted
  8. I really hope she posts something! But, if I'm being honest, that seems unlikely
  9. Hoping it's Kieron Menzies since she doesn't work with him too often
  10. I thought it was about Barrie since his birthday is also in December lol
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