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  1. i feel like everyone just forgot about that snippet-because when was the last time we got Lana’s voice over some nice synths? Seriously the synths in bb sound like diamonds. And not to mention eclipse comparing the song to yosemite and i dont wanna go😍
  2. I need something to clean my ears after that pu$$y ri0t mess
  3. AKA: pawn shop blues BTD: video games Paradise: yayo UV: west coast HM: the blackest day LFL: 13 beaches NFR: the greatest COCC: tulsa jesus freak
  4. I’m happy that we have new producers and i honestly prefer to have Mike dean over rick nowels who we’ve already had four times, it wouldn’t be that much of an intriguing surprise to have a fifth rick nowels record though he’s very good. It’s a good move to diversify her discography and make something fresh
  5. I already have the melody in my mind. The juniper jacuzzis, just you and me babyyy my beautiful jacuzzi yeah its what we neeeed Underneath the palm trees swaying softlyyyy... With whispery sultry vocals and mike dean's beats.
  6. Haha-watch on July 4 the media will grill her for something new and she will respond and make an announcement on twitter fleets about her next record titled The Juniper Jacuzzis
  7. maybe it will be like the "you should stay that close to Jesus" part on tjf, there will probably be a different chorus that is like the "we'll be white hot forever" for bb. also at the very end of the snippet it sounds like she takes a big breath in for the next lines
  8. lana is back and she's cooler than ever no more jack, mike dean forever
  9. Remember in Sept. interview Lana was talking about chemtrails and said something like when I write I feel like I miss the mark sometimes and that's why I really like hip-hop. could be a sign of her headspace when she was writing this record.
  10. There's a video on tiktok of the livestream The guy on the live to Mike Dean: "Are you producing the entire Blue Banisters record?" silence. "mmm I can't say... " why is everything so damn secretive
  11. The way everything is so much more secretive in this era compared to chem or nfr, it makes me feel like everything is going to be completely unexpected like boz said. And mike dean was acting so sly too ughh something good is going on
  12. Anyone Remember 🐉 🪨 ? I dont think we ever found out what it meant-I really think it’s a signal about this album and era
  13. I was getting horror vibes from the BB mv and synths. And she’s touched some horror in chemtrails mv which was while she was writing BB
  14. Theres a new album called 4:22 And some really good ones are All Earthlings and Save this Ocean.
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