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  1. lana is back and she's cooler than ever no more jack, mike dean forever
  2. Remember in Sept. interview Lana was talking about chemtrails and said something like when I write I feel like I miss the mark sometimes and that's why I really like hip-hop. could be a sign of her headspace when she was writing this record.
  3. There's a video on tiktok of the livestream The guy on the live to Mike Dean: "Are you producing the entire Blue Banisters record?" silence. "mmm I can't say... " why is everything so damn secretive
  4. The way everything is so much more secretive in this era compared to chem or nfr, it makes me feel like everything is going to be completely unexpected like boz said. And mike dean was acting so sly too ughh something good is going on
  5. Anyone Remember 🐉 🪨 ? I dont think we ever found out what it meant-I really think it’s a signal about this album and era
  6. I was getting horror vibes from the BB mv and synths. And she’s touched some horror in chemtrails mv which was while she was writing BB
  7. Theres a new album called 4:22 And some really good ones are All Earthlings and Save this Ocean.
  8. Once again, I doubt there's going to be any poetry involvement with her music, she likes to keep those things separate as she said in an interview, hence making poetry books like VBB and BTIG. could be bb is a full album and rcs is like a paradise sequel or prequel to it
  9. LOL she would not do a poetry/music hybrid. she said in an interview not too long ago that she keeps her poetry and music separate, and she doesn’t like making poems into songs because songs should have good melodies.if she wants to do poetry she makes books like VBB or BTIG
  10. An insider said an unreleased track that has been leaked before has a great chance of being on this album
  11. I am so intrigued by what the unreleased track might be!! I'm tooooo excited
  12. Lana stans still think this is going to be a folk/country??? lol she’s over that phase. she was done with cocc since last June. She said before she “doesnt like to do the same shit over and over”. I mean come on remember the transition from UV to HM or LFL to NFR. i have no doubt there won’t be any folk or country songs, especially with Mike Dean on?? That man is insane, he loves his synths and beats and With blake and his majestic guitar teaming up with him imagine what we could get.
  13. Could rock candy sweet and blue banisters be two separate albums? I know that would be crazy and it could be wrong, but maybe in November the two albums she mentioned were them. Why didn't she delete the rcs announcement? Not to mention that rcs already had its announcement font designed by her graphic artist, I mean if it was ready to come out in JUNE that means it was already completed, how could she just change the title that fast! even July is really soon. if she changed the title to blue banisters wouldn't she need to push the release date further? She had lots of time to change white hot forever bc her release day was 4 months later (sept) Also***: the fan that met her confirmed rcs was an album and jack was involved, maybe rcs is jack's and bb is mike's
  14. Chemtrails was finished last July basically and in November she confirmed it was all done. I dont think this new record has anything to do with chemtrails to be honest. Mike Dean is one of the best and most notable hip hop producers in the industry, and is known for his synths. choosing him means she wanted to go in that direction for the record sonically
  15. she did say it was a standstill. It was just an album for her to think about what to do next ("what to do next?, maybe we'll love it") the way she talks about it I think it was just an intermission not meant to be competing with her other albums in terms of acclaim/hype. The fact she took out dealer makes me think she wanted to move on and save the best for next.
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