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  1. i think people tend to neglect the fact that they dont connect with lana in some parts so its better to blame an external influences unfortunately. I believe that people that we re close can trigger some creatives paths, but lana was always strong with her own imagery and style, she always do exactly what she wants where i can find more about her production process???
  2. flash news: lana is her own creative director so it doesn't matter with who she produces, it matters WHAT she want to produce. People NEED to understand that, there no one to blame except but lana and her actual state of mind, hard pill to swallow but its the truth!
  3. Blue bannisters feels so much as a closure of the album, i’d love to see the title being the final track
  4. I don't know if im late, but, did anyone noticed that in Blue Bannisters she sings ”summer comes, winter goes spring I skip, god knows” like, yea, may is on spring but what if some kind of double meaning like, spring is known historically as the weeding and birth season, maybe thats why the guy that came every may wasnt there anymore...
  5. so, my bet and hopes to the three singles are: - I think they could represent 3 pilars from the album, text book just makes me feel the qftc presence (I don't think she forgot this) and maybe is the kind of ballad close to hope is a dangerous thing, which could represent her story of fame, then blue bannisters, as we saw on the snippet, looks like a love song, which could represent her story of love and wild fire wild flower seems to be the real lead single because I think it might be the most commercial one, since it has more collaborators and mike is one of them, and it could represent her life in general. - It would be cool if the songs represent her past present and future since shes rewriting her story - Since all of them are ballads I just hope that at least one of them have violins like ''love song'' style, and i wish wildflower had some kind of drum, i miss so bad any kind of beat - I hope that BB is not the only one with a music video.... but lana, stop doing double clips, please. - Please don't ruin everything using those selfies girl.......... (if the songs are good, i can tank this one) - And I hope she brings more hints of the era instead of just releasing and dissapearing again. See yall on friday, and hope my bet is good!!
  6. sun: love (libra) moon: your girl (scorpio) rising: money power glory (rising) starts cute than very ultraviolence-ish yep that's me, looks cute but acts very rough and intense many times
  7. could you pls send the link?? i can't find on atrl
  8. i think some of you remember china palace....
  9. i don't remember who said, but there's an LMLYLAW uv version, but i don't know if it was a rumour
  10. for me, the album is done, BUT lana is still properly organizing the advertisement and mv's. Because of that, the album isn't already being sent to music distributors, and that's why it seems that is not done. Also, i think BOZ don't have the record yet, most insiders get the tracks between the process of sending the tracks to websites and corporations to distribute the music, and to me, the songs are still on lana's/mike's/jack's drive, the only exception is the title track.
  11. i think she's mixing OTHER songs. This give us the hint that mike will be on another record of her after BB imo
  12. Boz said that the song is really simple, so I think that it is the chorus
  13. i'm truly looking forward to this record, the last time lana was bringing back the btd vibes she created honeymoon, so i'm here for it!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I'm too meticulous to say all the songs so i'll stay with the most important. Flipside The first time that I heard the song, before I understand how much i would relate to this, i already felt something. This song has a atmosphere that reminds me something like ''after the end',' just like after a long day at the beach and you get in to the car and see the sunset and the sky is almost dark blue, kinda beautiful at the same time sad. After this, i started to look to the lyrics, and i suddenly conected to the way that I felt for the second boy I felt in love with in my life. It was the most intense relationship that i've ever had, we had incredible nights but his heart was never mine cause he loved me but he also loved another guy, and he never decided what to do so he chose to live a lie and I lived with him in it, only because i thought if i did it everything to make it work, it would. After some months, the truth couldn't be hidden anymore, I was wrong and tired of this situation, so I left him. But after all these years he's still on my mind, and i wonder if he was my soulmate, but we met in a terrible circumstance. The last link that i have with this song is with the movie: Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, it's my favorite movie I cried a lot when i saw it because i was very hurt at the time. But the thing that the movie and the song has in common is the chorus ''you got me once maybe on the flipside i could catch you again'' and i always thought something like this to all this love story, maybe in a different time, maybe in different circumstance, we would like to try again, maybe i'd catch him again. But honestly i dont know anymore, but im good (Ps: i'm so tired to fix my english so, sorry for any huge mistake lol)
  15. What I think it's the most logical perspective: 1- Jack and Lana did their sessions and lana picked up the tracks she wanted for BB 2- Lana started to work with mike earlier than we think, he started to work with her on BB and maybe lana liked the synergy and their creativity led to another project the we still don't know 3- there is a third/fourth producer on the album because lana worked with zach to do american standard and maybe they scrapped and used their time to start to build this album. (and blue bannisters isn't from jack neither zach because boz said the blue bannister isn't produced by any producer that lana always collab with, so it necessarily needs to be a third one, but it is possible that is 4 at the total) The order of events could be: zach and lana developing new songs and lana starting to picturing a concept to this album, then bringing back songs that she worked on with jack, and then mike entering in the production in the final steps of the album, just like his reputation of ''finisher''
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