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  1. Mike has been plugging the hell out of the new apple music updates on twitter so my moneys on dolby atmos x LDR8
  2. feels like it could be a bts from a photoshoot just based off the camera quality. and no highlights or nail polish makes me think this is an older pic from the bunch
  3. this whole family is fine as fck
  4. so confused as to how she is supposedly "scapping" material like how on earth does she have enough material to scap? she JUST put out an album. she is a machine!
  5. Hoping for an album name that sounds like an album name! A poetic play on words akin 2 'Ultraviolence' would be a dream
  6. i missed her random photo dumps also... ROB
  7. Yeah I've kind of been thinking this that the single covers are irrelevant asf, but I'm almost positive at this point that it will be the album cover too. I mean, she literally hasn't done a photoshoot in months. I was sure her label would stop her from using it at all, but clearly she pushed for it and I could see her pushing for it to be the album cover. fingers crossed she pulls through with a serve but I'm not expecting it by any means
  8. polydors instagram story with an old ass pic of her and the BB cover shrunk at the top is so annoying to me. like just let her do what she's f*cking doing
  9. ya the production is mad wack, some less crunchy drums would have made this easily one of her best ever. still an amazing song tho imo. i sort of wonder if the song production was rushed, seeing as mike said just a week or so ago that they hadn't finished anything. either that or hiring hip-hop mixers was just a mistake for this track.
  10. ya i'm ready for the official lyrics to come out, either way this line is insane!
  11. this has to be awk for Rob lol. i admire her courage speaking ab her personal life when it prob makes things harder on her within her family. its rlly very brave, the mark of a great artist
  12. ppl need to learn to stop trolling her bc she will troll right tf back. the internet roasted the COCC cover and she said YALL WANNA SEE SOME REAL SPEED
  13. production grows on you for sure. most impressive to me is her vocalization and the LYRICS. she really said poet laureate this era
  14. this it nit-picking but i think she says "later than hospital stints / still on my feet" ? i might be mishearing
  15. is she ever going to acknowledge this? or like any of her friends or siblings? lol these songs rlly do just be sitting there
  16. Feeling WW as the record opener for sure.. what do u guys think?
  17. so here's the deal CUZ IK U WANNA TALK AB IT
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