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  1. does anyone know anything about the rumored lana x taylor collab that was talked about before COCC? i believe the song was actually uploaded to a website but never saw a release and i thought it would be on COCC, maybe it will be on BB, maybe it's fake. I wont care either way.
  2. in my home state of massachusetts the other day a black girl was jumped by white people and murdered. i dont have a lot of places to talk about this stuff. i'm an empath and i often find the weight of what's going on the world brings me down to a place that's mentally and physically unbearable. the feeling of being helpless and not being able to create change is absolute misery to me. im glad to see so many pages on this website filled with people who care and who love. i love you all.
  3. said he'd come back every day just to check lanaboards if i may for my blue banisters
  4. mmmm i'm getting cornflower vibez my bannisters live in shades of blue
  5. literally nothing we're just enabling each other and it's GREAT.
  6. I FEEL SOMETHING IN THE UNIVERSE. Something very unexpected. I'm feeling a double album. TEAM DELULU.
  7. My theory at this point is that i'm CONVINCED lana's team is using fake stan accounts to spread conflicting and false information to CONFUSE US.
  8. i have a feeling the book store will update when she drops Behind the Iron Gates, as for the beauty store, no idea what that could even consist of.
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