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  1. I'm fairly certain. It definitely listens like a studio version but maybe it is??? Idk, I still listen to it a lot haha. I had no idea it may be fake??
  2. Hi, I'm super late replying to this but I finally decided to make an account here to let you know that it looks like you're missing a demo of Cake that I have so I figured I'd share it here in case anybody else doesn't have it either :3 The mixing on this version is different, they used a different sound for the main piano part and there's an epic guitar solo at the end! This one has been leaked for a while but I see a surprisingly small amount of people talking about it? I personally prefer this version lol. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hxwJaq7q9BCCjmIBS9-nbaygVSmXtQAc/view?usp=sharing Thanks for linking a great masterpost! downloading this one for myself today :33 edit: It's a google drive link because I couldn't figure out how to upload it to dbree lol
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