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  1. She could at least put on IG Story video where she listening album with showing 5/6 songs titles (not these which are released) on her Apple Macbook.
  2. I'm not preparing about that preorder will be in Friday. Lana is in Interscope- everything is possible with that label.
  3. palemoonbaby

    Taylor Swift

  4. One of the best albums of 2021
  5. The way we are crazy about trees and grass pictures. Touch some grass takes on a new meaning
  6. Manifesting that album will be mix of desert rock, trip-hop vibes, 80s-futuristic vibes and synths, drums and percussion with hip-hop & muddy trap influences with some sprinkle of R&B, neo-soul and some psychedelic and BTD-baroque vibes and great piano ballads.
  7. palemoonbaby

    Taylor Swift

    It almost year since she released her best album- folklore. She did THAT
  8. That would be collapse, here for it Album 1: Wildflower Wildfire Album 2: Costco the Santa Clarita Album 3: Greenwich Acid Cherry Pie
  9. She's looking so good lately
  10. palemoonbaby


    Immunity was great album and I often back to many songs. Waiting for Sling
  11. Greenwich Acid Cherry Pie will be great album title ( yes @Greenwich Acid Cherry Pie). It would be metaphor her life in 2020 and 2021. And references to her past. My theory: Acid Cherry- her past isn't good, depression, eating disorders, rehab, toxic mother, accusations of that she isn't real, she has persona, sexism, discrimination, misogynism etc. and things from 2020-21, QFTC, hate, "Karen" era, racism & republicanism accusations, many to writting... Pie- she is good now, she is stable, she feeling better than ever, she's happy, she has friends, animals, she see the light in tunnel Greenwich- Meridian 0°, she's clear, she moves experience,emotions and what Lana feels on paper, she has clear conscience, she is ready to move forward wiser, mature and stronger
  12. Wildflower Wildfire could be album title, but i don't think that will be. It's hard to predict what Lana imagined.
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