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  1. I already said that since the album came out lol. I was just putting here another "theory" I heard to know ur thoughts about it
  2. I think the same, I wanted to see ur opinions about this. Maybe I should put on how they interpret the song to make more sense God I'm sorry if this bothered anyone. I bring it up bc it's about Marina, didn't know we couldn't put anything we heard even if it's kinda nonsense. And I have no idea why do u think I came to make a drama? Like, I literally said I do believe it's about her relationship and not Lana's, but just wanted to know ur thoughts. I wasn't even being rude or something, as u r for no reason u could just ignore, chill
  3. Mmm this is a Marina thread in a Lana forum. Obviously not of our business, but it's not like Marina is going to know we are saying this.
  4. I thought the same thing. They had an explanation of why they think that, we had to see the song as a friendship one but as I said, I think is about a partner relathionship, definitely Marina's relationship even if she didn't clarifie.
  5. Guys, I just read Pandora's Box might be about Lana. Marina said it was about a relationship, but I think she meant a partner relationship, not a friend one. What do u think?
  6. How do u know virgo is some of her dominant sign? U saw her birth chart or u can perceive it?
  7. I really hope she puts Pink Convertible and Happy Loner out before someone leak them. With what she said about her leaks, I no longer expect INHA to be released officially and that's so sad to me
  8. There's a theory that says this song is about Jack cheating on her. And the woman was a girl not really in their lifes, that's why she says that "for her it's just another day", bc for the woman it didn't mean anything, maybe she doesn't know Jack was with Marina
  9. Ikr. I love her ballads so much
  10. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ALBUM Guys, I noticed that the L+F unreleased (If its worth it, water under the bridge, please don't call me, absent love) were made in 2017. Do u think that songs are about Jack? Or about her past relationships? Bc as u know, they were together since 2015, so did they had that situations in 2017 already? I know it's not of my business but I just have the doubt
  11. I love this poem, is so powerful. But I feel really scare of what she's been through, she says that he was evil and basically he's a monster. I wonder if she's doing fine. And who's that awful man
  12. Speaking of the mom. This might be bad but, what do u guys think about Wildflower Wildfire? It's kinda confuse, bc what about the hospitals has to do? Did her mother beat her orrr put her on a psychiatric hospital? The last one seems the more accepted theory, bc she talks about lithium. But if this is true, do we think that happened? I'm not sure if it fits with her timeline, like... Alcoholism at 14, Boarding school at 15, and she went out at 18 or so. I believe her mom would do that when lana was a minor, but at what age? 🤔 Sorry 4 the overthinking, i'm a ♍
  13. Since she has a bad relationship with her mother, I think she didnt know the right hour. Because the moms always know and sometimes the birth certification doesn't say it. I'm pretty sure she's totally a cancer, so the first one was the lie. Maybe she just lied about it cause she didn't know, as I said
  14. just did some research and i think u r right. the relationship wasn't serious until late 2012 when she confirmed it (october), even if they were "together" since 2011 she actually had something with harvey?
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