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  1. Fine China is the greatest song Lana has ever written and/or recorded. Have at me.
  2. BTD>UV>NFR>HM>LFL>COCC But they're all superb masterpieces, and not a one is anything less than great. I say that with no bias, obviously.
  3. Don't tell me we're now starting to tear these three superb masterpieces apart. I have been sitting with them for a week and adore all three more than anything on COCC.
  4. I predict that Lana will be nominated for a Grammy for her vocal performance on Blue Banisters. If she isn't, they're friggin tone-deaf.
  5. Day 3 and I am still listening to all three songs on constant replay, but Blue Banisters the most. It's kind of unhealthy how much I love this song. I'll try to distract myself for 30 minutes, then immediately play it again. It's so subtle, with such an incredible soundscape. It's the definition of a song that creeps up on you. And her vocals are some of the best of her career.
  6. HAIM is my favorite band at the moment. Any other fans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esJ-y9n2uno
  7. At 71, he directed 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return, some of his finest work. I'm sure that he will continue to invent as long as his heart is beating.
  8. Lana has claimed she wants David Lynch to direct one of her videos. Listening to Text Book, I realized it's the perfect song for him to direct. They are a match made in heaven. Why can't someone make it happen?
  9. Surf -- never heard Maha Maha before and now I'm weirdly obsessed too. She'd most definitely be accused of cultural appropriation if she released it LOL
  10. Okay, this has probably been asked before. Since Blue Banisters was released yesterday, I CANNOT stop listening to it. I mean, it's a little scary. I've listened to it at least 50 times since yesterday. I'm obsessed. The same thing happened when I first heard Cherry Blossom and Fine China. Does anyone else have this reaction?
  11. I'm the only one who actually kinda likes the cover -- it has a charming naivete and honesty to it, deliberately unpolished, perhaps reflecting the unabashed frankness of the material.
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