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  1. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    So neither made it onto the album under a different name? damn now I’m a bit worried bc those were the best material I’ve heard from her in years
  2. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i hope one day everyone can stop pretending that Radioactive is a good song
  3. BTD 10th anniversary re-issue with an extra disc of reworked unreleased tracks incoming
  4. I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to how much she truly cares about critics and the public perceiving her negatively. I think she’s gone through absolute hell with both regards, and now she’s won them over she’s in a position where being like ‘...actually, fuck y’all’ would be a powermove. i definitely see what u mean though so let’s just sit tight and wait to see what she delivers
  5. That is fair tbh, but personally I want a record full of ‘yeah I said it, and so what? also I’m beautiful so god bless and fuck off.’ she’s spent a decade building up a reputation as one of the strongest artists and songwriters of our generation, she knows she can get the acclaim if she bends over to the critics, we saw it with NFR. but now she wants revenge! iktr
  6. I remember years ago under one of her videos (it might’ve been Bel Air? or Paradise trailer idk) she had a quote in the description that read like “I lost my reputation, I forgot my truth, but I still have my beauty and I have my youth” and that’s exactly the energy I want from this record
  7. yep if she’s gonna destroy her reputation then i want her to do it in style and with a bang
  8. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    i always assumed pussy riot was english speaking their verse came on and i almost had a seizure trying to decipher
  9. Now I will wait for you For three-hundred years I play pretend And put my arm around a man who isn't there beautiful just a shame it’s a laptop demo. these lyrics would slap on a fully produced track
  10. probs ignore this post bc im tipsy but this isn’t @ anyone at all but reading some of these theories makes me so.... not even mad but just like ... y’all really delude yourselves into delusions then get upset that ur delusions don’t delulu themselves into reality we learned nothing from cocc pre-release i know that’s right
  11. May

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    yeah i never understood the criticism. i think the style of writing goes well w the production and melodies
  12. May

    Cruel Youth

    bit of a mess, i won’t be listening to it again. but hopefully this means she’ll be coming through with solo stuff soon
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