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  1. Omfg I got my tickets for the Berlin show I'm so fucking excited
  2. Btw I'm also really happy about the fact that there are no collabs on this album. Idk how to explain, but I already have a much better feeling about this album knowing that I can expect 100% Lana
  3. At least we still have the live version of HTD... Other than that I absolutely love the snippets, the strings on Cinnamon omg
  4. As a non native English speaker I got a heart attack when I heard "Top of the year" because I thought that it meant like November or December 2019 I'm so relieved to learn that it actually means the opposite
  5. Fuck I'm having flashbacks to the L4L premiere, I love when Lana premiers a new song on radio IT'S SO EXCITING
  6. I'm currently planning my trip to Budapest I'm so excited already
  7. I want to go so bad but nobody I know wants to go with me I seriously need to become best friends w a Lana stan...
  8. So I just bought my tickets and booked my hotel room, I think I might cry omg. I can't believe that after all these years I'm finally seeing her live
  9. Since I live in Austria I'm going for sure. It's going to be my first time seeing her live omfg
  10. New strech goals have been added to her kickstarter campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1247449978/ionnalee-everyone-afraid-to-be-forgotten-2018-worl/posts/2109417 New album in 2019 at 3200000 SEK, so around 320000 €. I hope that we can make it this far
  11. Heroin

    "Eclipse Leaks" Survivor

    Roses - 15 BBM Baby - 14 Resistance - 14 Super Movie - 15 Off To The Races Mix 9 - 15 Dance For Money - 15 Fine China - 16 Yes to Heaven - 15 I Want It All - 16
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