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  1. Aww that’s even more beautiful! Jack seems like the guy who you meet and feel comfortable with. Lana shared Hope with him. That song still scares me by how touching it is. I also think because the rollout of NFR! lasted a year we felt we no longer could get a connection to it, but it is still a very pretty album! I cried to every song when the album came out and I never had that at first listen with anything else, well, later when LiB leaked I cried. And I agree her writing was strong on NFR!, but I don’t feel she ever fails in her lyrics I’m happy you’re spreading your thoughts for some of us to think about. I like NFR! And LfL and all the other albums too, for sure, but for different reasons. Some should stop hating on people who have different taste. Maybe I like strawberry more and you might like blueberry more. We all get our favorite flavor
  2. I could see her only wanting the music her way. Thanks to Jack we got a new album after LfL sooner than she had in mind. If I remember correctly in one of the interviews, about working with Jack.
  3. I just wish he tried to get her to sing bridges for most of the songs. She is a genius at that, but oh well, he left the chat and Blue Banisters will probably have some of his production. For example RCS/LYTLYN. I don’t mind, it has been refreshing
  4. Yes! She finished RCS and she thought: “well I did Paradise edition. I want to release it all at once. With. the addition.” The story was missing some more information and let the two albums talk to each other. She found a new way without a white dress to get it under control
  5. What Black Beauty thought the color of the Banisters needed to be painted I didn’t notice until now, they also connect in some kind of theme besides sharing the same abbreviation. Brooklyn Baby’s picture book.
  6. I feel the same! Her nose fillers are still becoming less prominent, so I can’t see why she would fill her cheeks instead. Her hair is a lighter shade and the angle of the photo could play part She looks lovely in the photos. You can tell she feels good and that’s all that counts!
  7. I can only dream of this to come true. That would be so her
  8. It was never my intention to make you feel less of a fan! I’m happy you’re here sharing your thoughts
  9. Did people still expect something on the 1st of June? I had that disappointment when she announced Blue Banisters.
  10. If there’d be a cover on the album I find Ode to My Family by The Cranberries very fitting with her opening up about her relationship with her mother
  11. I don’t know if you can call the cover art lazy. Showing up at the set of a photoshoot, pose and let others create the outcome sounds more lazy than her creating the idea she has in mind herself. Exactly the way she visualizes the atmosphere she’d like to see. It might seem lazy, I agree, but it is part of her brand. Creating her own visuals.
  12. From what I can tell of her facial expression is anger, sadness and misunderstood. The music video for COtCC was filmed before the 5th of September. Something happened there
  13. I feel the same. She has been giving selfies as cover since NFR! and there is no cover worse than the Venice Bitch buzz single. That cover looks like she zoomed in to the max Also I may hope Lana wants to have a decent album. I’d take her music less serious when she’d use a selfie for something that’s forever.
  14. I have this feeling she started layering her founds on similar sounding words that have a different outcome or go deeper into one short moment. You get the feeling of what life is. You never feel only one emotion. I’m loving it. COtCC had LSD and How this deep in my opinion. If this is the case, I got my Casino Oasis/cause he knows I’m wasted
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