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  1. kinda rando but I went to the location where that one clip in the Venice MV is located (the one in my sig)! it's in SF and it's called Ocean Beach and it's actually kinda close to my apartment but I haven't gone in a while since it's been foggy/windy. It was a clear day today though so I never really appreciated the area until I saw the video and it's been one of my favorite places in SF ever since (i always listen to VB while watching the sunset!). it looks kinda different today because they've made changes over time but it still has the same charm and is absolutely beautiful during the sunset. the surrounding area is even more beautiful imo this is what it looks like the opposite direction
  2. also rob's "this is one of my faves!" comment (does anyone have that screenshotted omg)
  3. i'm always amazed when white ppl/europeans are insecure about their nose asjdjsadl where my parents are from (philippines) people would pay thousands just to have lana's natural nose
  4. i know basically no one wants this but imma manifest anyways sksksksk
  5. DL is catchy and I actually love the production on deja vu, I just can't get over her singing style easily my least favorite aspect of late 2010's whispery pop, looking forward to her new album though!
  6. i'm looking at his works with white women specifically and...yeah it doesn't seem too promising
  7. idk if she's gonna continue the soft rock/folk route (seems likely tbh), i'd rather have running through fields of flowers folk rather than campfire songs and horseback riding folk
  8. the jingle bells are really reminiscent of the tambourine in mazzy star songs like fade into you or blue flower so I understand it, but idk why it was used in HTD (really random and doesn’t match the more modern production) and not a song like MAC or even VB
  9. oh ew this is why i hate rich people lol
  10. i'm not like super well versed on/care about this type of stuff but wasn't Diana basically hated by the royal family (to the point that people think she was assassinated by them) and wasn't Harry the one that left the family because they were racist?
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