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  1. I'm really just wanting a full on novella style narrative/concept album for some reason. Just cannot shake it.
  2. All I know is the little 30s snippet has some real replay value! I am readddyyy.
  3. "Project" is a choice term for sure. Is that a choice made to allude to it not being a regular album or a choice just to fuck with people, who knows lol!
  4. Always loved them, I'm envisioning something a tad heavier and more somber though. That said country at its core has always been a genre that is synonymous with story telling which obv really suits Lana. I think it would be a great fit! We shall see. I think he may not be on title track but on the album in general somewhere. Either that or he is wanting to venture out of his normal genres and try his hand at producing music people really wouldn't expect from him.
  5. Yes it was lol. Slow or not, I'm sure it will be interesting though. I'm excited.
  6. In all seriousness, I really wouldn't be opposed to country. Lana always has a way to make a genre her own and I really think she could make a beautiful country album!
  7. Synth filled autobiographical country opera with a main hip hop producer incoming! Should be interesting.
  8. With the mention of him everyone has been hyping up hip hop but I've been over here thinking like maybe he is wanting to do something diff from his main wheelhouse, more experimental per se. So this could really kind of play into that.
  9. The Twitter caption would fit. She’s writing her own story. The selfie with the quotations. This certainly would make sense.
  10. Short story/novella with an accompanying musical album. Imagine lol! I am fully embracing the delusion now but it really would be something interesting for her. I’m done though, hopefully we got actual info sometime soon lol.
  11. I don’t know why I keep thinking about her mentioning that story way back when, about that woman who lost her mind in her house and fell in the pool lol. Also she has mentioned writing a Broadway/musical production. I really wouldn’t be surprised if this is somehow a concept album where she really tells a story. Honestly my mind is swimming! As far as Boz’s reaction being good or bad, he did say hopefully it’s not delayed which to me implies a positive reaction. Like he is looking forward to it being released. So maybe he enjoys it. Either way taste is subjective. I’m just super excited to find out what is in store!
  12. Okay there’s a lot swirling around right now! Cannot wait lol. Def can see it being poetry/music hybrid. Maybe it is a fully conceptualized album. Like it’s own storyline almost an audio novel composed of songs and spoken word. Can you imagine omg! Someone mentioned she could have self produced. I think that would be interesting too. If it ends up being a normal album I’d say please be jazz lol! But so many possibilities!
  13. I thought this also! If by some chance there are two diff albums I’d love the idea of having matching covers with a slight variation to distinguish the two diff povs/moods.
  14. She contains multitudes, was Burnt Norton meant to foreshadow this. Only she knows!
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