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  1. Maybe on June 1st she’s releasing a 25 track album of unreleased songs 🤡
  2. ChaoticLipster


    I love Lorde, but unless the music is super radio friendly I doubt she’s going to hit the same peak as when she first started. I actually don’t even care about her chart success or sales I just want the music to be good. Lorde get’s featured on a ton of playlists she get’s free promo on streaming services, vs Lana who is barely seen.
  3. Why does it sound like she’s singing…’Blue Banisters ZOO’ lol
  4. ChaoticLipster


    Lorde is no threat to Lana, she’s lost a portion of her core fanbase and the general public (excluding New Zealand). It’s what happens when you do nothing for 4 years.
  5. $130 for a denim jacket…I could buy a Denim jacket for $45 and buy a custom made Iron on transfer logo for $10. Her team then expects us to buy all need merch in July worth hundreds, then poetry book merch and then tour tickets. She really did say ‘ you better work bitch’.
  6. Wild one is believable because of the lyrics, maybe it’s an album closer who knows. It makes sense to some degree.
  7. I’m with you I also tried to like her but found her boring..I don’t get the hype. But yeah this is for another thread.
  8. Don’t say that…we have to say we hate it otherwise she’s never going to use it as the cover lol
  9. My friend bumped into her, she just Ignored him walked past and CHUCK had to say..’thanks for the support’ as she obviously felt embarrassed by Lana’s rudeness. I felt so bad for him being a die hard fan. But I think she was breaking up from Sean and not in a good place, she’s human I guess.
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