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  1. For me it just shows the “coming soon” thing.. which has been there for literally months soooo i wouldn’t take this an any kind of indicator on what’s coming lmfao
  2. which is weird.. because when she originally said she would put it on spotify.. it had already been leaked for like, years, which she must have known. - so why did she say it in the first place
  3. She said the merch for this album was really good so… I’m wondering when she’s gonna release/announce it seeing the albums been out for almost a week Also… if she does do the demos album… supermodels legs needs to make an appearance so bad
  4. once again talking about doing an official album of demos… do we actually think she’s gonna do it this time?
  5. Retweet she really said “zine and vinyl for each single!” and now we’re on our 3rd single (4th if you count ancient dreams?) and we have 1 zine and 2 vinyls And she hasn’t said a singular word asking people to submit anything for zines like she did for mans world.. so i’m feeling like that idea might just be dead at this point
  6. Lmao yeah, those are the ones she played at the desert afterparty
  7. Honestly.. that’s pretty plausible.. especially since she said it “has a home” but wasn’t so sure abt a deluxe version of the album happening
  8. I definitely would not compare the two lmfaoooo, dua has broken so many records it’s insane, ellie on the other hand… well she was cute for a minute.. in the words of miss diamandis, the pop industry knew they could do Better Than That
  9. Well if one of my clients was one of the biggest pop girls in the world.. I’d probably spam abt her too
  10. No idea but I wonder what that was even in reference to lmao, ldrvillage? cuz she ain’t doin shit (that we know of.. i guess)
  11. I really don’t think anything on this album is about Lana at all lmao, stans try to reach so hard to connect those two.. I saw people on twitter arguing that goodbye was about lana LMAOOO
  12. Yeah it probably won’t do that great charts wise especially considering the *major* lack of promo and somewhat messy rollout. I don’t think she cares/is expecting it to chart well though, so whatever I guess. Would be nice tho
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