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Lana leaving Il Tramezzino Italian Restaurant in Studio City, CA - December 27th, 2020

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Yesterday, Lana Del Rey was seen leaving Il Tramezzino Italian Restaurant in Studio City, California.

Her arm can be seen in a sling, which was fractured during ice skating, as revealed in Lana's most recent Instagram post.






More Photos:




Edited by Elle
added more photos x


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I’m so jealous that she’s wearing a short skirt and slippers..there’s snow here and I want the warm weather so bad 


Her hair looks fantastic in the third pic, looks like it’s blowing in the wind :wub:

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she could have actually slurped the spaghetti through her mesh mask if she had decided to wear it again 


jk i still can't believe she decided to act up like that that one time she decided to do some public appearances 


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7 hours ago, urgirl said:

Def getting spaghetti


I think she might go for the wagon wheels. They combine that folk look with the UFO possibility.

COCC, Folk Songs From Space


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