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Chemtrails Over The Country Club Survivor

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11 hours ago, DeluluKing said:

How dare you.


GUYS. You are so wrong with the COCC. It is way too low -.- It would be your favourite track if it wouldn't be a single. It is always that way... MAC is the best NFR track for example but you underestimate it because we had it one year before the album. COCC is 2nd best track on the album and top Lana song, White Dress is close 3nd. Wild At Heart and Dark But Just A Game are nothing compared to them.

excuse you i gave my positive point to cocc

nice cocc bro

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White Dress: 23

Chemtrails Over The Country Club: 11

Tulsa Jesus Freak: 16

Wild At Heart: 23

Dark But Just A Game: 20

Yosemite: 16



* all that's real to me is trailer parks & beaches Marilyn & Jesus * platinum & peaches, honey *

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5 minutes ago, DeluluKing said:

 :scoff: some of you really like trolling. Yosemite is fking top 1 and i dont even need to play this game. Bye

It’s good but some have different favourites....gotta take out the competition lol

Arches are Illusions solid at first glance

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