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What are your top 5 favorite Lana videos (ranked)?

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1. honeymoon

2. UV

3. shades of cool

4. FIILY/the greatest

5. doin' time

honorable mention: NFR/bartender, COCC, & most of white dress (the serving pie to random ppl part is a no for me)


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I was bored and decided to rank them all lol.

  1. National Anthem
  2. Body Electric / Gods & Monsters / Bel Air
  3. Ride
  4. Born to Die
  5. Chemtrails Over the Country Club
  6. Shades of Cool
  7. Summertime Sadness
  8. Blue Jeans
  9. Fuck It I Love You / The Greatest
  10. Doin' Time
  11. Lust for Life
  12. Freak - since this is just the recycled UV video
  13. White Mustang - since this is just the recycled BAR video
  14. Love
  15. Blue Velvet
  16. Burning Desire
  17. West Coast
  18. High By the Beach
  19. Music to Watch Boys to
  20. Young & Beautiful
  21. White Dress
  22. Honeymoon
  23. Norman Fucking Rockwell / Bartender / Happiness Is a Butterfly
  24. Ultraviolence
  25. Video Games
  26. Let Me Love You Like a Woman
  27. Mariners Apartment Complex (Visualizer)
  28. Venice Bitch (Visualizer)

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A little thought for AKA, they are all above those of the Lana era for me, I really like this super intimate-motel-old man-super8 side of her old videos.


Otherwise it's difficult but:


• Ride (I love gas stations at night so much and the American dream of a young girl crossing the USA)
• Summertime sadness (her white dress, cypress trees and iconic iPhone app)
• Shade of cool (by far the most beautiful clip, the colors are really splendid here, and her cult strawberry)
• Bel air (quite unknown to the general public but I really like the purity of this video, everything is perfect like Tropico)
• Ultraviolence (I was really obsessed with this video so hated at the time, one of my favorite. I like this kind of video and it is iconic despite with Francesco)


I would never forgive him for not doing a music video for Cola :w8ing:

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