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Lady Gaga

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23 hours ago, rockwellfckingnorman said:

the btw video is allegedly a fan edit and the remix is on youtube. all the clips are real though

i wonder who has the clips and when we're getting them 802069892744216576.gif?v=1

allegedly theyre from a 13 hour fashion film video that nick knight filmed during the making of the album cover and music video but idk how true that is






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The cover shoot video is insane. Every frame is amazing. Beyond cool to see it in motion after being transfixed by the photos from that shoot all those years ago

"It's 2011, and we should all be aware of exactly how fast technology is developing" - Lana Del Rey

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uggggh that gagavision n42... i can remember jumping to see it and getting super hyped with every little instrumental snippet she was giving like water drops... the golden years of eras+fandoms+internet, before everything started rotting with trolling, bots, etc. - we were so pure :bebe:




The "Galactica" and "Kaotica" albums... I'm not really into plagiarism accusations, fanwars etc, but jesus, it's so evident lol


On 4/10/2021 at 9:30 AM, TrashMagiq said:

the incest admiring... country album’s coming i fear

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