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Charli XCX

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On 8/28/2020 at 1:09 AM, douglasr said:

Are we sure this is the unedited version? I mean, the tempo of the intro of the alleged 'slowed' track is the same of the other demo that leaked earlier. Which is actually logic to me that they keep the pitch when working with different demos. This version seems so fast and hight pitched to me...

I'm keeping both since no one discovered yet :hdu:


pls come thru @Tulips


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if corona virus didn’t happen i wonder what charli would have released/done after charli era :hdu:maybe this:


march: true romance mini tour and teasing new era 

april: release an outtake from jan 2020 session

may: more teasing and backlog performance 2013-2017 material etc

june: lead single drop and video 

july: second single and tour announcement

august: second video

september: janet album :flutter:

october-dec: tour and third video 

late december: sophie collab album :poordat:


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how i'm feeling now is the only good thing that came from this pandemic. ik covid-19 has literally made life so horrible this past year but at least we can say our fave gave us an amazing album from it. but like imagine if it didn't happen and we'd most likely still be here waiting for party 4 u to either leak or get released :deadbanana:

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